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As a mortgage lender, we work with you during one of the biggest financial transactions of your life – buying and owning a home.

But it’s not just about the financial transaction; we know homeownership can be emotional. This is the home where you’ll celebrate milestones and make memories. That’s huge! Getting to be a part of that means the world to us.

As we work with you throughout your mortgage process, we love hearing your stories, and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. There are countless stories that move us, but we wanted to share two in particular with you, our Quicken Loans family.


Sometimes, unexpected illness can cause a lot of changes in clients’ lives. TK is one of those clients. After he lost his job due to illness, he reached out to Victoria, his Client Advocate, to see what we could do to help him keep his home.

She was able to help him work out a payment plan to keep his mortgage on track, but she also learned that they shared a common interest – gaming.

Now that his health was back on track as well as his finances, Victoria wanted to do something special for her new friend, TK. We flew her out to meet him in person and surprise the gamer with a virtual reality headset and $1,000 to spend on new games.

Beatrice Bell

Beatrice Bell, a retired Quicken Loans client, first got in touch with her Client Advocate, Jackie, when she lost her debit card and needed to reach out about how it would affect her payment. The two bonded quickly, and Jackie learned about Beatrice’s heart for her community and her church.

Beatrice’s church opened its doors almost 100 years ago and has been focused on feeding the homeless. They needed some repairs, and Beatrice was planning on donating her own personal money to the renovation fund, but now, she’s able to give her church $3,000 on behalf of Quicken Loans. This money will help them get the repairs they need and continue their work in their community.

We also gave Beatrice a $1,000 gift card to her favorite jazz club as well as a spa package so she can get a little pampering, too.


Thank You!

We have to say, our clients are pretty wonderful.

Thank you again for telling us your stories, for choosing to be a part of the Quicken Loans family and letting us into yours.

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  1. I’ve owned two house, in the past so this isn’t my first rodeo. My mortgage on my recent home was sold two times over. The third mortgage company had us in a very bad confused situation. I went to quick n loans and they straightened everything out for us. We are real happy with Quick n Loans and i am work in to apply for a mortgage for my sons family. The team is great and working with us . They are smart and nothing gets passed them. Thankyou for all of the legalities that were handled in excellence from our past despicable mortgage company that you took us away from. Thankyou Again !
    Frank & Gail Appice. Arkansas

    1. I’m very glad we were able to help you get things back on track, Frank and Gail! The pleasure is ours! Enjoy the holidays!

  2. We are very happy with Quicken and the services provided. I would recommend Quicken to those needing Home Loans and refinance services. Thank you for your services and making a refinance so easy!

  3. It would give me great pleasure to say Quicken Loans® was the best and up until my husband died in April of this year, they were top on my list to recommend them and to work with, but when he died I reached out to them to delay a payment until I could get his death finalized, until I found out what income I had, they would not work with me in no way…they even put me down for late payment. From the record my husband had in paying them NEVER a late payment, never no complaints.
    I couldn’t be more dissatisfied with them, I even got help from other bills to work with me.
    That’s OK tho I got back on my feet and struggling to make ends meet, but my God has helped me thru all this!!!
    A dissatisfied customer who has had two loans with them!!!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. This is also something that I’m going to pass along. We never want to hear one of our clients feels this way. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. Thanks for reaching out and making us aware of this.

  4. I am truly proud to be apart of the Quicken Loan family, they really help me save money with my mortgage. They truly have the best interest rate that I have found anywhere. if you want to save on your mortgage please call Quicken Loan now.

  5. I am truly happy to say that I am very satisfied with the service I have received from your company. Everyone is awesome and have provided me with the best refinance offer for my needs. It has saved me a lot of money each month. Thanks for the being the best.

  6. I am almost 89 and would love to find a way to reduce our monthly payment. I do
    have Veterans mortgage , but I have not had an increase in Social Security in over
    six years. Any Suggestions
    Ralph Yost

    1. Hi Ralph:

      Thank you very much for your service! It’s much appreciated. The fastest and easiest way we can help you look into refinancing options would be to give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. I don’t know if you’re looking to eliminate your mortgage payment altogether, but given your age, one of the things we could help you with is a reverse mortgage from our friends at One Reverse Mortgage. They can look into your options if you call (800) 401-8114.

  7. I will be paying off my house in a few days . Thank you for the loan .
    But I will have to regretfully decline any business with you in the future.
    I’ve never missed a payment I was out of work for 16 months and kept a FICO score of 785- 805. I asked you for a loan twice and was turned down with a higher FICO score than most of your employees all the while needing a helping hand .
    Thank you for stepping in when I
    Needed you the most.
    Arthur L. Low

    1. Hi Arthur:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. This is absolutely something we want to look into. I’m going to have someone reach out. Thanks!

  8. We love this company. They have their act together. Their customer service is awesome… we will finance our next home with them…

  9. I Would like to tell you,thank quicken loans,are outstanding with everything the do for their clients.They are their every step of the way.I would refer anyone ,that wants a mortage,to contact them.

  10. Quicken loans was absolutely wonderful during our refinance. They all went above and beyond. I would and have recommended them.

  11. I’m glad to see quicken is helping out. Its a little sad that, that positive was lost to me by using people’s personal hardships as advertising. A simple, whole figure with an explanation of what that mony helped with would have been more heart felt by me.
    THAT SAID, I’m extremely proud of any company that does respond and take their patrons input into future use. My challenge is make public what is done to satisfy all your complaints. To be fair, my experience with quicken loans was smooth, fast and efficient. Equitable? Unfortunately not. I also will pay far more for my home than if it could have been left on the 30 year fixed it was already on. I was lied to. Told my mortgage would not be sold. I also had to come up with extra money for my ESCROW at the end of the first year. These problems thought they are definately common, should not still occur. Intentionally misleading your consumer is wrong.

    1. Hi Weston:

      I’m glad you like the article, but we definitely want to look into your situation and see what happened here. I’m going to have someone reach out to you about this.


  12. Let me just say. This is the best of the best mortgage company I have ever dealt with. The people that help me at quicken loans in Detroit Michigan (mrs. Anitra jackson) made the process of buying my 2nd home amazing. Also The online payment Is so easy and quick to us. I always recommend this company to all my friends when they talk to me about buying or selling their homes. I really really appreciate the people that work their. That’s why this company is so AWESOME

  13. Quicken was wonderful to refi with when all of my “ducks were in a row”. However, in spite of having almost 1/2 of my loan in equity, when things got tough, Quicken was unwilling to refi and help me use some of my equity to get back on my feet. I am in the process of refinancing with another company who was truly sympathetic of my situation and worked hard to find a way to try to make it work. It’s unfortunate because the process of closing a loan with Quicken was the easiest, smoothest process ever. But I will hopefully be changing to another lender very soon.

    1. Hi Jill:

      I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. I’m going to have someone reach out to you for more details and see if we can help turn this around.

      Kevin Graham

  14. We would like to say thank you to the entire Quickens Loan team
    Our loan and home buying process was easy as buying a car.
    We would recommend Quickens Loans to everyone we know
    Julius and Cheryl Caldwell

  15. your company truly has the compassion that I thought was lost in our world! Bless all of you!! So blessed that your company is truly honest!!

  16. Hello Kevin- I had lots and lots of calls from other finance companies when I first started looking to refinance my home to purchase solar panels a little over a year ago. I decided to refinance my home with Quicken, and have been very happy with my decision. Thank you so much for being there for me. My only grievance is the additional FHA “mortgage insurance” that was attached to my loan payment. I believe the ‘mortgage insurance’ is to protect you in case I default on the loan. I would like to have the mortgage insurance dropped from my payment. I imagine this can done by you, since I have never been late on a payment, and in fact I am always early, PLUS I have more than 20% equity built up. There is no worry about me losing my job because I am retired and living on a fixed income, hence the request to drop the mortgage insurance premium from my payment. Please review my loan and let me know what you can do for me. Thanks – Anneeta De Santis

    1. Hi Anneeta:

      We can absolutely look into this for you. I’m going to pass it along to someone to reach out. Have a great night!

      Kevin Graham

  17. You are part of those who I am Thankful for. Twice Quicken and there knowledgeable, professional and mostly friendly staff have helped me through good and bad times.
    You are TRULY FAMILY, God Bless yo All. Have a great Holiday Season and a best of all New Year. Thank you again, Fred

  18. Thank you for walking me thru my changing mortgage companies to you and the refi in a few years. It was virtually nothing on my part to do. I only wish that your company handled my Cable Co, health insurance and other headaches. You prove that things can be done well,fair and most of all honest and respectful. Traits uncommon in today’s world. 👏🙂

  19. Laura was so helpful. I have been very sick and I was on my second brain tumor. I was going for my second operation and we had a home we owned outright. We needed money to get through this hard time in our life. Has anyone knows insurance does not cover everything and we had some debt to pay off. I asked if Laura could help and she did. Laura got us a mortgage on our home for just the right amount at a great rate to pay down debt and have a little left for things we might need . She also suggested a 15 yr mortgage and I was thinking 30 years so I can save money per month but Laura showed me that the difference is not much and I would be paying off so much more to the prince able she was right. I am now 2 yrs into the mortgage and can’t believe how much goes to the prince-able and how little to interest. Laura was so helpful and kind in a time I was stressed to the max. I am still suffering for the second brain tumor but the Radiation looks like it is working. God Bless Laura and QL for helping us at time when needed. Thank You

    1. James:

      I’m very glad we were able to help you when you needed it. I’m glad to hear your treatment is working. Cancer is tough, but you’re tough enough to fight. I’m going to pass this along to Maura. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear she had such a big impact. I really appreciate your sharing this with us. You’re in my thoughts and I hope you knock cancer down for the count.

      Kevin Graham

  20. I was a first time home buyer 2 years ago. I was trying to keep it “local” and go through the credit union that I do my banking through thinking it would be easier. Unfortunately as much as I love my credit union, their loan person was less than helpful, when I got things straightened up with my credit they even went as far as to argue with me over the fact that my credit could even remotely be where it needed to be to get approved. (I had my credit fixed within a month). After arguing with her on the phone to please have her pull my credit report she was stunned to see that she was in fact wrong but to even get her to do her job was like pulling teeth. But she was still less than helpful. I decided to give Brandon Chitwood a call at Quicken. I had the preapproval for my mortgage that day, and I had the best team of people to help me and when I had any questions about the process or what I needed they were so helpful with patience and understanding. They didnt treat me like an idiot. I love that I was able to keep it still “local” for me, being a Michigander. I tell all of my friends and family that are looking to buy to get a hold of Quicken. I’m so glad I did!

    1. Hi Amanda:

      This is a great story. I’m going to make sure that Brandon and the team get to see it. Thank you very much and I’m glad we were able to help you!


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