As a mortgage lender, we work with you during one of the biggest financial transactions of your life – buying and owning a home.

But it’s not just about the financial transaction; we know homeownership can be emotional. This is the home where you’ll celebrate milestones and make memories. That’s huge! Getting to be a part of that means the world to us.

As we work with you throughout your mortgage process, we love hearing your stories, and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. There are countless stories that move us, but we wanted to share one in particular with you, our Quicken Loans family.

Beatrice Bell

Beatrice Bell, a retired Quicken Loans client, first got in touch with her Client Advocate, Jackie, when she lost her debit card and needed to reach out about how it would affect her payment. The two bonded quickly, and Jackie learned about Beatrice’s heart for her community and her church.

Beatrice’s church opened its doors almost 100 years ago and has been focused on feeding the homeless. They needed some repairs, and Beatrice was planning on donating her own personal money to the renovation fund, but now, she’s able to give her church $3,000 on behalf of Quicken Loans. This money will help them get the repairs they need and continue their work in their community.

We also gave Beatrice a $1,000 gift card to her favorite jazz club as well as a spa package so she can get a little pampering, too.

Thank You!

We have to say, our clients are pretty wonderful.

Thank you again for telling us your stories, for choosing to be a part of the Quicken Loans family and letting us into yours.

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  1. Do you ever give your lenders a month with NO payment required. I have a loan with you. I used to have a loan elsewhere and they did that as a thank you and at the same time it gave their lenders a break.

    1. Hi Pauline:

      I’m going to send your information over to our Client Relations team. They will reach out to you concerning your question. Thank you!

  2. The guys at Quicken Loans were absolutely great because they kept working with me to push my loan through.. A little stressful for me but I definitely needed this to work. Now I have a fixed loan at a reasonable rate.. Reward these guys. Also I was told about Quicken Loans from a friend of mine who also used you guys.. LARRY WASHINGTON. He should get some recognition as well. Thanks again I will also recommend QUICKEN LOANS.

  3. Let me tell you how QL would be able to help their customers. They will be able to help their customers by providing a less expensive options to cover flood insurances and home owners’ insurances, which are in the rise. QL should be looking for the best deals for their customers .. and offer it as part of the benefits of having a home loan with them. Be competitive and bring real benefits to your customers!!!

    1. Hi Adela:

      I’m going to get this to our client relations team to see if we can look into a specific situation for you. That being said, we don’t offer homeowners insurance at this time and flood insurance often has government mandated premiums. Although everyone’s situation is different, our mortgage rates themselves are very competitive and we do offer benefits like RateShield that allow home buyers to lock the rate while they shop for a home. If rates are lower by the time they find a house, they get to get the lower rate. If they’re higher, they keep the original rate.

  4. Best decision I made was getting my mortgage through Quicken Loans. I was going through so much, raising teenagers, after school sports, caregiver for my father who suffers with Alzheimer’s, remodeling our old house to sell on the market and starting a new position with my current employer – it was a rough time but Quicken Loans customer service and impressive customer service portal made this experience the best. It is worth your time to choose Quicken Loans.

  5. I have a VA loan through Quicken Loans on my primary residence. I have a close friend who recently came into a large amount of money and who wants to buy my house – cash. He wants me to continue living here for as long as I want to, owing him nothing in monthly rental but freeing up the $1K I am currently paying in mortgage, insurance and property tax to pay down a credit card and then build up savings, and enjoying retirement.

    What result can I expect such a transaction to have on my credit rating?

    1. If your mortgage is being paid off properly, there wouldn’t be a negative impact. You just request a payoff statement.

  6. In April I had an 836 Experian FICO score. I refinanced my primary residence with Quicken, lowering the payment and shortening the term. Then I refinanced a rental property with Quicken, cutting the monthly payments in 1/2. My income stayed the same, ~$300k/yr with no other bills other than food, gas, etc. My credit score dropped immediately after working with Quicken, and 8 months later is still at 714. What the heck did they do? I’ve applied for no other loans, have far less debt and more cash in the bank. The only change….Quicken Loans.

    1. Hi Jeffrey:

      We would be happy to look into this for you. The one thing I will say is to maybe look at the information on your report because of the Equifax hack. Also, your credit score will temporarily drop a bit after your credit is pulled for any loan, but I’m going to have someone reach out. Look for an email. Have a good day!


      1. My credit score also dropped after refinancing with Quicken, not because I applied for a loan but because I took out a $100,000 refinance and still owe close to that amount so according to the credit scoring company I have maxed out my loan and haven’t paid it down enough, so I figure this will lower my score for the next 15 years

        1. Hi Sharon:

          I’m happy to have someone look into this for you. I do want to make sure I clarify that when you refinance, you’re taking out a loan. However, I’m going to have someone reach out.

          Kevin Graham

      1. Hi Wake:

        Your credit score wouldn’t typically change that much when applying for any loan. I’m going to get this to our client relations team to look into, but if you look at your credit, I suspect there may be another culprit. We’ll look into your situation and give you some tips as to next steps on how to identify what’s going on in your credit report.

  7. I had the pleasure of working with Kyler Lerz with my mortgage refinance. Kyler put me at ease from the first phone call, and was very professional, and personable throughout the process making me feel that I was in good hands with him! I highly recommend Kyler for all of your financial needs!

    I appreciate all that Kyler did for me, and am very happy to be with the Quicken Loan Family!

  8. Have had two loans with Quicken and Jeff Jones must say each one has been the easiest experience in terms of information required of me. The latest re-fi loan was started on October 2 and closed October 12. Ten days to completion, Jeff Jones and the Quicken team nothing short of amazing. Thank you Jeff for all the personalized service you have provided look forward to future opportunities to work together. Added bonus is that your loan is serviced by Quicken now thats service after the sale! Hope this finds you doing well Jeff Jones and Quicken staff, thank you for my amazing experiences. Best to you all this holiday season.

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