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QL Team MembersWe’re excited to share the news that Quicken Loans has been ranked #1 on ESSENCE magazine’s inaugural “10 Best Workplaces for African Americans” list. With an emphasis on fashion, culture, business and lifestyle, it’s one of the country’s premier African-American focused magazines. In addition, FORTUNE magazine placed Quicken Loans as number 13 on its “50 Best Companies to Work for Diversity” list.

The two magazines partnered with the Great Place to Work Institute to develop a survey to examine employee satisfaction through questions about compensation, empowerment and training to rank the companies. The survey is randomly distributed to team members, with the results of the survey accounting for two thirds of the overall company score. The remaining score is determined through the Institute’s Culture Audit, a series of questions and surveys on benefits, hiring and recognition.

“Diversity of thought, opinion and people have always been key to Quicken Loans success,” said Bill Emerson, Quicken Loans CEO. “A diverse team brings a wide range of ideas and perspectives, which is critical to not only innovating and further revolutionizing our industry, but also creating a workplace where people grow and thrive.”

Since 2010 when we moved our offices to downtown Detroit, Quicken Loans and our Family of Companies have hired more than 11,000 team members, with more than 33% of jobs filled by African Americans.

“It’s impossible to replicate the energy, diversity and creativity of an office located in the heart of vibrant urban cores like Detroit and Cleveland,” added Emerson. “Since moving our headquarters to downtown Detroit, the city has helped us attract and build a diverse, world-class team while fueling innovation at an incredible rate.”

Our culture of inclusion is driven by the Diversity and Inclusion team – a group of senior leaders and team members who focus on mentorship for aspiring and existing leaders from a variety of backgrounds, while also educating on the importance of diversity in the workplace.

“Our All-In Diversity and Inclusion team is comprised of leaders and team members from different areas of the organization, including Community Relations, Recruiting, Client Experience, Banking and Team Relations, just to name a few,” said LaShandra Sartor, Divisional Vice President of Business Consulting and leader of the Diversity and Inclusion team at Quicken Loans. “Promoting a diverse and inclusive environment is who we are as an organization…it’s in our DNA. Our hope is that by placing a specific and intentional focus on diversity and inclusion, we will not only drive creativity and innovation by leveraging diverse perspectives, but we’ll also become even more in tune with the needs of our clients as the demographics of the housing market evolve.”

Quicken Loans is honored to be recognized and is always looking for great talent to take our company to the next level. For more information, visit QuickenLoansCareers.com.


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