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Quicken Loans Top Places to WorkWe went from 2 to 1. One rung up the ladder. One notch up. We made it to the top. The highest we could go. The pinnacle.

That’s right, my friends. Rocket Mortgage® was just named the #1 company on Workplace Dynamic’s “National Top 150 Workplaces” list. I’m not really that surprised. I’ve been here over seven years now and I keep finding new reasons to love my career.

The people, the challenges (good challenges), the morale, the leadership, the pride, and most importantly, the 17 great people on my team really make this place great. I knew on my first day that I had come across something special here. I have my days where things don’t go my way (who doesn’t). But overall, it’s awesome here.

I’m not really that surprised we were ranked #1. Happy, but not surprised. How does it work, you ask? What are the reasons for the #1 ranking? Let’s take a look:

We run regional Top Workplaces programs with 30 major publishers across the United States. In addition companies apply directly to the national Top Workplaces program. For 2012, we evaluated approximately 5,000 organizations in total, which included 872 companies with more than 1,000 employees nationwide.

Top Workplaces evaluation is based purely on the results of an employee survey. Essentially, we rank the companies based on the ratings that employees give them. We think employees are the best judging panel.

For the National Top Workplaces list we aggregated all the employee survey data for the 872 companies with over 1,000 US employees and looked at them on a national basis. This involved 2 steps:

  • Checking we had a representative sample of each company’s US workforce including at least 350 survey responders
  • Ranked the companies based on their average employee survey score. The score is based on all 22 statements on the employee survey.

After reviewing the list of companies, we decided to publish a list of the Top 150 companies as we had so many good companies that were eligible.

Here’s what Workplace Dynamics had to say about Rocket Mortgage®:

Rocket Mortgage® has claimed top spot on the National Top 150 Workplaces list, moving up from second place last year.

The company was founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert, and now employs 8,000 people. It has grown to become the third largest retail mortgage lender in the US. Despite its size and growth rate, the company has created an enviable work environment for its employees. It took first place on both the Detroit Free Press large Top Workplaces list (read more) and the Cleveland Plain Dealer midsized Top Workplaces list (read more).

“Rocket Mortgage is a very strong company. They make the right decisions across the board and it makes me feel comfortable working for them.”The message from employees in our survey is that this is a company where they participate. Employees are encouraged to put forward ideas, and there is a culture of getting things done:

“I have the opportunity to share my ideas, opinions and thoughts in an open forum.”
“As long as you are willing to put in work, the company offers you all the possibilities/opportunities in the world.”

From the top down there is a sense of connection. Dan Gilbert and the company’s CEO Bill Emerson meet all new employees. Bill Emerson is proud that he never turns down a meeting with an employee.

This is supported by the preference for internal promotion. Many of the senior leaders, including Gilbert, started as mortgage bankers.

“I’m impressed with how everyone starts off in the same position and how the senior directors have worked their way to the top! Equal playing field.”

And despite the fact that they had so many good companies that were eligible, Rocket Mortgage® made it to the top of the list. Anyone who is interested in challenging and rewarding employment, check out the Rocket Mortgage® Careers website. We’ve got lots of job openings right now. Are you feeling up to the challenge?

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