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The new iOS 7 came out yesterday and so did a new version (2.2) of the Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator app.

It’s exciting stuff, and we’re happy to have the new calculator app fully support iOS 7. Here’s some info from the Mortgage Calculator App iTunes preview page:

What’s New in Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator App Version 2.2

If you’re like the Quicken Loans Mobile team, a large chunk of productive work hours on September 10 were spent huddled at a computer screen, watching your favorite “Announcement Event” live blog. You watched it, too, right? Well, even if you didn’t, you’ll still appreciate that the app is updated with full support for iOS 7! We’re confident we didn’t miss anything, but sometimes sneaky bugs slip by that still need squashing. If you see any, let us know through the feedback form inside the app, or email us at AppFeedback@quickenloans.com.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator app, it’s pretty darn cool. There are four calculators that will answer your mortgage calculating questions right in the palm of your hand.

  1. The monthly payment calculators will figure out how much your monthly payment will be after you punch in your loan amount, interest rate, terms, annual taxes and annual insurance. There are home buying and refinance versions to keep it simple.
  2. Want to figure your ideal interest rate based off of your loan amount and term? No problem. Our amortization calculator lets you do that with ease. Find out how much you can save with a shorter term or lower mortgage rate. It’s easy and fun.
  3. Our home affordability calculator lets you know how much home you can afford before you begin the big search. Don’t waste your time looking at homes out of your reach. Get a home in your budget and feel good.
  4. The even better news is that our app is about more than calculators. Take pictures, keep notes on the price of the home, figure out the mortgage amount you’ll need, and take any special notes about the house. You can even compare homes side-by-side.

Download the new app and enjoy. Have any questions? Email us at the address above or leave a comment. As always, we love hearing from you. Your feedback makes us better.


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