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working from home

As college graduation approached, I planned on moving back to Chicago to continue my education at DePaul University, trying to buy time before I had to get a full-time job. Things changed very quickly with a simple email from my Economics and Management professor at Albion College, asking me if I would be interested in applying to be the metrics/analytics intern for the Social Media team at Quicken Loans. Not yet ready to leave Michigan, I viewed this as an extra three months with my friends while I received real world experience, but it became much more than that.

My experience at Quicken Loans was eye opening for my future.  During my three months, I analyzed data, wrote articles for the Zing! Blog and sat in on many different meetings, all while being mentored by many team members.

When August was nearing, I did not want to leave the culture of Quicken Loans. As an intern, I am an equal and my opinions are valued and trusted. Compared to past work experiences, the Quicken Loans culture was unique. The confidence I gained from others’ confidence in me made me want to continue my time with the company.

When I spoke to my mentors about my desire to return in the future, they supported my decision, even keeping me on board and giving me the ability to work remotely as I pursue my master’s degree. I am privileged with the opportunity to work remotely from Chicago, along with my mentor, Patrick Chism, who recently moved to the city. In a sense, we have created our own little “Chicago office.”

The “Chicago Office”

Quicken Loans from My Living Room Office - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

One thing Quicken Loans has taught me is what path I want to follow at DePaul and in the future. At the last minute, I changed my program of study to Predictive Analytics and Marketing due to my work with the Marketing team. Now, as I learn different techniques in the classroom, I connect it directly to the real world, helping me in the classroom and in the office.

At first, the transition was odd. My living room became my new office, but working remotely has given me the flexible hours I need to balance both of my roles, student and intern. I am an hour behind all my Quicken Loans team members in Michigan and have to adjust my meetings accordingly to fit the time change and my class schedule.

While at times it’s difficult balancing school and work, practicing time management has been key. One day for school, the next for Quicken Loans. There are no regular hours, and my computer has become my best friend. All of my team members put my education first and understand that I work unique hours which are a little different than theirs.

My experience working remotely has been an amazing and rewarding experience. Every month, I look forward to my trips back to Detroit, scheduling lunch dates and meeting with my team members to talk about work, but mainly to catch up on life.

My Future in the D

Quicken Loans from My Living Room Office - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

The culture I experience at Quicken Loans has set the bar high for organizations, and I cannot envision myself anywhere else.

Moving forward, I plan to continue working at Quicken Loans and move to Detroit starting this summer. The internship program has opened up many doors for me and I recommend it to everyone interested in an internship in the Motor City or in one of our locations across the country.

Overall, I am most grateful the relationships I have created and the mentors I have gained. I have a cheering section back in Detroit, rooting for me while I am in Chicago. If I was asked right after my college graduation where I thought I would be, the answer would not have been Detroit, but I have fallen in love with the city and this company.

If you’d like to intern at a company that helps you grow and pushes you to be your best, check out QuickenLoansCareers.com. There is a cheering section waiting for you, too!

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