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Making Your Mark - Quicken Loans Zing BlogMulti-colored markers, a crayon wheel ripped straight out of a Crayola enthusiast’s dreams, a dish full of colorful foam shapes, glue, and blank white name tags were all aligned atop paper tablecloths presented on twelve round tables across the room. At first sight, one would think we were embarking on our first day of kindergarten, and in many ways the magic of that very first school day floated all around us. Unlike five-year-olds beginning their first day of higher learning, our summer interns are comprised of a vast range of ages and learning backgrounds yet we all embarked on this internship not knowing what lie ahead of us but eager to dive in and see.

No standard pre-printed nametags or stark white tablecloths – Quicken Loans presented a twist on the traditional. As many entered the room with plates of bread, meats, salads, fruit, and desserts, the buzz began over the unique spread on the tables. “Wow, this is different” a fellow intern commented. Was this a clever way of killing time or an easy conversation starter? It was neither – it was the same lesson five-year-olds unconsciously learn as they pick up a crayon on the very first day…the lesson that we hold the tools to shape who we are and what we become. Simply said we make our own mark. Unlike many other companies or organizations, our family of companies consists of unique individuals who take the initiative to make their mark, continuously playing outside of the boundaries and always obsessed with finding a better way. Throughout our internships, the guidelines we follow called ISMs, helped us foster creativity and provide great contributions to our teams.

As interns we’ve had wonderful opportunities to listen to, ask questions of, and meet influential speakers on a frequent basis through Lunch and Learn events. Through each event we left having learned valuable lessons which we cannot only apply to the tasks we encounter daily at work but to all aspects of our lives. Knowing this would be our last event meant it was time to change it up a little.  As our speaker of the day, Jay Farner waltzed in as the buzzing and coloring slowly drew to a close, and we all sat eagerly awaiting the presentation. Usually involving vivid pictures, inspiring clips, and thought-provoking words, this presentation began a little differently.  Jay introduced himself, and then suddenly, words describing projects we worked on popped up on the screen. Following those words, Jay began telling us stories our leaders shared of the great work and new ideas presented by the interns. Each group of interns was recognized for the contributions brought to our teams. Being able to hear all the great stories and projects we diligently tackled throughout the summer was proof that we were already making our mark. In one summer we had all done what some live their entire lives trying to do… make a difference.  As Jay told us his inspirational story and the story of the growth of our AMAZING company, it became clear that taking the road least often or possibly never taken, following your gut instincts, and always working with a passion, would guide us to continually make marks wherever we may be.

Throughout this internship I have gained far greater lessons than my initial expectations. I began this internship just as that five-year-old beginning kindergarten; a wide-eyed girl trying my hardest not to blink in taking in such an amazing atmosphere while wondering what next great thing was in store. I am now leaving this internship having made a mark as I worked with and learned from the great team members of The Pulse Recruiting Team. The funny part of it all is that in making a mark unconsciously, I am leaving with a far greater mark made upon me. I will leave this internship with a host of new family members and a new outlook on life.  It’s AMAZING to think that in seventy-five days someone’s life could be changed but that’s the way it works when being placed in an environment rich with a culture that is engineered to amaze. In returning to school I will carry many learned lessons, such as, always be grateful yet unsatisfied…take everything you are given with gratitude yet continue striving to make it better. Take those words to heart and you too will have made your mark.

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