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As interns across the country prepare to end their summer internships and return to school, many interns at Quicken Loans and the Family of Companies (FOC) are also returning to their dorms or off-campus apartments.

As a three-time returning intern, I can say Quicken Loans has influenced me in more ways than one. One influence is related to interior design. If you walk into any FOC building, you will immediately notice the brightly colored walls, giant Fatheads® and even ping-pong tables.

ISMs – the several fundamental principles that shape and drive the culture here at Quicken Loans –serve as a point of inspiration and allow you to bring the FOC culture with you even after your amazing internship has ended. However, ISMs not only apply to your time at work, they apply to everyday life. Here are four ISM-inspired ideas for decking out your new digs this fall.

“The Inches We Need Are Everywhere Around Us”

“We drive a culture that motivates our team members to find the inches we need all around us,” this ISM states. This ISM speaks to the many different little things (inches) that Quicken Loans does to make themselves stand out from the competition. These inches drive the culture that pushes team members to find opportunities and make an impact everywhere.

One inch that I have found to be useful is my Fathead Bighead – a foam board, full-color image of my face! When working here, everyone gets one for their desk so people can easily find where you sit; this would be a great addition to any wall or door. It can also be a great conversation starter and a way to spread awareness about your internship experience.

You can also purchase licensed or custom Fatheads of your favorite athletes, superheroes and more that stick to the wall without scratching the surface. They’re perfect for those temporary living arrangements so you can avoid damage fees!

“Obsessed with Finding a Better Way”

This is a “Never-ending mission to find a better way for every process and everything we touch.” This is a prime example of being able to incorporate ISMs into your everyday life.

Consider finding a better way to study for a test or personalizing your room to best suit your learning environment. You shouldn’t just stick to what you know! There are so many different ways to personalize your space and make it better. If you know writing things down makes you remember them, try a foam corkboard. They can easily be hung on a wall and now you have a place to pin all of your sticky notes from class as well as cool pictures from your internship.

“We’ll Figure It Out”

“We don’t need to have all the answers before we take on a project or launch a new and innovative idea,” is the logic behind this ISM. Having spent three internships here, this ISM speaks volumes to me. There was never a time when I felt I couldn’t speak up about an idea I had. Team members and leaders were always there to guide me along the way.

Keeping with the teamwork theme, one great way to get ideas for a room or shared space is to ask your friends or roommates. You don’t need to have everything figured out before you move in. If you share a common area with suitemates and want to add personal touches to an otherwise bland area, brainstorm with your roomies to decide what works for everyone.

“You Have to Take the Roast Out of the Oven”

“Always make new mistakes. Make decisions. And, when you believe the roast is pretty much done, pull it out of the oven,” is the core principle here. This ISM is a great takeaway from the internship. It speaks to not being afraid to make decisions and act on them within a reasonable timeline (so the roast doesn’t overcook).

This can apply to your new digs this fall as well. Don’t be afraid to take chances with color or adding creative pieces to your space – it can always be changed. Quicken Loans continuously encourages team members to be on the lookout for new opportunities.

As you can see, I’ve learned a lot during my internship experiences, right down to imagining my college décor, and you can too! If you’re interested in exploring internship opportunities with the Family of Companies, visit QuickenLoansCareers.com.

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