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Intern Tiger's game

Two months ago, if someone told me that an internship would change my life and my mindset I would have said, “No way!” and laughed in their face, but that’s exactly what happened.

The doors of the 1001 Woodward building opened on the 18th floor and my Quicken Loans journey started. As I walked through the hot pink hall, anxiety crept through my bones. I was about to meet my team, the people I’d work closely with for the rest of the summer. I was prepared to be the typical college intern – filing papers, making copies and running errands. I was fully expecting to be unrecognized and unimportant.

Instead, the complete opposite happened. As soon as I stepped foot in the colorful office space that would be my home for the summer, I was greeted by a round of applause. The whole Servicing Reporting team wore friendly smiles that assured me I was in the right place.

The slush machines and unlimited snacks aren’t the only perks of this internship. The relationships the Quicken Loans Family of Companies (FOC) builds are priceless. The people are what really make this internship amazing. This is a groundbreaking factor because the people in a room can make the environment go from five stars to one and vice versa.

The team members here make my day daily. Their bright smiles and genuine personalities put me in a comfort zone that I’m usually not in. I had to adjust to everyone being so nice and willing to help; before this internship, I hadn’t been surrounded by people who all have such high morals and values. I still sometimes struggle to come out of my shell in this new world called Quicken Loans, however, slowly but surely I’m coming out of my introverted ways and actually initiating conversations instead of going straight to my desk to put on ear phones.

This internship drives me to be a better person thanks to the emphasis on the Quicken Loans core values, called ISMs. I’m constantly reminded of ways to be positive and genuine to others as well as to myself. I’ve learned that just being around positive spirits who are truly good people can have such an impact on my life. I often find myself referring to the ISMs outside of work, and now both my professional and personal life are at an all-time high.

The people I’ve encountered motivate me to have a voice, which can be a hard thing to have in this world. I’m always encouraged by my leader and team to share my opinion, and they always make it known that my input is important. I’m inspired by my team members to reach for the sky, and I can learn all the tricks of the trade with the opportunity to shadow anyone in the FOC! While shadowing, I’ve met other unique team members from different business areas, and I can truly say that the culture is embedded throughout the whole company.

Although selflessness is a part of the culture here, my leader makes every effort to make my internship the best experience for me. LaQuanda makes sure I’m getting exactly what I want out of my summer at the company; she provides me with projects that are directed in my area of interest and constantly checks in on me to make sure everything is fine. As an intern, I feel like a whole new person with a new attitude and mentality. I have the confidence to take anything head on, I feel light on my feet and I actually look forward to getting up to go to work in the morning.

I am eternally grateful to have this opportunity that awakened a new essence inside of me. I wish this internship could live on forever as well. Although the summer will eventually end and my duties as a college student will return, I’ll continue to use everything I learned at this internship to be the best person I can be and to help others uncover their potential! If only everyone could be like the team members at Quicken Loans! I plan on sharing the culture this company has created in order to make the world and its people better. To think that I still have time left in my summer here gets me really excited – excited to meet more people, excited to gain more knowledge and excited to AMAZE.

If you’d like to feel the same way I do each day, check out internship opportunities at QuickenLoansCareers.com.

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