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Quicken Loans: Internship Amazement - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

My intern experience began like any other at Quicken Loans: with an online application and hope. Little did I know that when I pressed “Submit,” an entire city of opportunities would open.

During my internship I’ve experienced the incredible culture at Quicken Loans and have grown to love this company.

The Internship

I was hired as the Invoice Management and Corporate Advance Intern for the Payment Services team.

Invoice management includes auditing contractors’ invoices for work done on privately-owned delinquent properties to make sure that the proper amount is billed and that the job was done correctly. These invoices include landscape work and property upkeep. Corporate Advance works to help cover payments for all clients. This allows client payments to stay current, and also protects our investment by keeping clients in their homes.

Quicken Loans gives interns every opportunity to succeed. They host training events almost every week in order to expand our knowledge and make us even better team members. So far, my team leader has provided me with a number of shadowing opportunities in different areas of the company to continue my growth.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated to be a mentor for a local high school student from the American Promise Schools for four weeks in July. I’ll meet with them once a week to talk about college, interviewing, resume building and answer any questions they may have. I think this will be incredibly rewarding and I look forward to starting this new project!

Intern Events

Recently, I was able to attend Internpalooza. It was an astonishing event showing the unbelievable culture of this company.

There was free food – and as a college student, who doesn’t love free food? They had a rock wall, a bounce house tug o’ war and tons of vendors with free stuff! Besides the great swag to give away to all the interns, it was also an amazing way to learn all about the Family of Companies and what we can do in the Detroit area.

Vendors included Detroit Experience Factory, QPOP!, Detroit Dart Club, Cheese Factory, Rocket Fiber, Moosejaw, Xenith, QL in the Community, Mousetrap, Zing Blog, Campus Commandos and many more!

I was amazed at how much this company puts into its internship program. Their effort really makes you want go into work every day and to stay in the Family of Companies.

Company Culture

The culture at Quicken Loans is based on the ISMs. They’re the ideals team members live by, and they define who we are, more than what we do.

My favorite ISM is “Obsessed with finding a better way” and I see this lived out around me every day.

I’ve attended meetings almost every week with my team, and each week they find a new process to do their jobs more efficiently. They’re always thinking about how their job can be done better and how the company can be better. I receive many emails with surveys on how to make the company, each event and this internship better.

I was given an incredible opportunity to work at Quicken Loans. The Family of Companies is an endless pool of opportunities for interns, team members, leadership and anyone else who is willing to give their all. I get to spend my whole summer with Quicken Loans – a company that cares more about their team members and even more about their clients than any other company. I will make the absolute most of this summer and I will make every second count.

If you want to join me and many others who are learning and growing every day from the best in the business, apply today to be a part of the company that’s truly engineered to amaze.

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