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Who’s heard the saying, “less is more”?

What does that even mean?

[Quickly Googles “less is more.”]

Oh. I suppose that makes a certain kind of sense.

When it comes to your mortgage, I’d argue that less is actually less. And in a company of MORE (MORE technology! MORE speed! MORE happy people! MORE satisfied clients!), less just isn’t going to fly.

Which brings us to your most recent billing statement. You might notice some differences.

“It’s just more clutter!” shout the masses.

To that I say, one person’s clutter is another person’s deeply insightful, fully encompassing view into what’s going on with (most likely) the largest bill they pay every month.

Don’t take it from me. Watch this excellent video and become an expert on reading your billing statement!

How to Read Your QL Billing Statement from Quicken Loans Servicing Team on Vimeo.


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  1. Wow. What a lot of self-serving illiterate marketing crap.

    I want your statement to tell me three things and three things only:
    1. Payment amount due
    2. Payment due date
    3. What amount I need to get some other bank to pay you to go away

    As for your “Other Products” the only time I used your tax product, a year later a real tax accountant saved me another $5K.

    Your “Quicken” product is for people who write checks (ell oh ell) and think that a calculator should look like a check register. No worries, they’ll all be dead within a decade or so.

    Marketing Crap Morons.

    1. Ehud,

      Despite the similarity in name, Quicken Loans is not affiliated with QuickBooks or any other tax preparation software. It’s a common misconception due to the shared use of “Quick.”

      Have a good day!

  2. We have purchased/built 6 homes across the US and have used mortgages from the builders mortgage company to large national banks to local Credit Unions and have found Quicken Loans customer service, rates and ease of use superb!
    I recommend Quicken Loans to everyone!
    Thank y’all for outstanding support!
    Adam J. Blackler

    1. Thank you for the awesome words, Adam. We couldn’t do it without outstanding clients like yourself, so thank you for your support.

      Have a good week!

  3. I have asked several time if there is a way to fix the printing of monthly statements. I do not know if others are having this problem. I am unable to print online billing statements due to fact bill takes 1 1/2 page for the bill and it leaves the top1/3 of each page. I know you want to go green and I also, but first the printing problem needs fixing. I do wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.

  4. Last year, I refinance through Quicken Loans.

    Can you tell me how it can be that after refinancing from 5.25% to 3.75%, my monthly mortgage payment only went down $23, from $918.00 a month to $894.94 a month?

    1. Hi Deborah. I’m going to have someone reach out to you to get more information so they can look into your situation.

      Thanks for reading!

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