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Post Series: We Love Our Clients!
Quicken Loans Clients Spend an Evening with Paul McCartney - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

2016 is a big year for anniversaries. It marks the 50th anniversary of the last Beatles live show, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album “Revolver,” and a decade since Paul McCartney has played in Cleveland. Perhaps in honor of these milestones – or just because it was high time to make an appearance again – Paul had not one, but two great shows scheduled in Cleveland this past August.

We thought it would be a shame to keep Paul to ourselves. So we invited 10 Cleveland-area clients and their friends or family members to join us for Paul’s One on One concert at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on August 17. In addition to tickets to the show, we included a gift card for parking and concessions to show our sincere appreciation for our clients’ loyalty.

I also happened to be at the concert that night, and I can assure you the experience was better than any of us expected.

Paul played for nearly three hours, and not once did he take a drink of water, let alone a break – and he’s 74! His voice never wavered and was as strong at the end as it was when he started. He was silly and fun and had an infectious energy that grew as the show went on. By the end, we were riding a wave of elation knowing that we had just experienced something magical with one of the greatest performers of our lifetime.

I’m so glad we were able to share this with our clients. We want to do everything we can to show our appreciation; that’s why we’re always thinking of great ways to surprise and delight our clients. Keep checking the Zing blog for more stories!

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  1. The man is a machine! Had the opportunity to see him several years ago in Cincinnati. It’s definitely not one to miss. Glad to see you giving back to your clients.

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