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Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Summer Fun

Today was an eventful day for the Quicken Loans family of companies.

For one, it’s our annual Take-Your-Kid-to-Work Day. The day is structured like a mini-day camp and affectionatly known as “Camp Quick-A-Title-Rok.” Some brave souls volunteer to lead groups of kids in activities like crafts and cooking “class.”

Lots of fun for the kiddos, plus they get a glimpse of the cool place where mom or dad works!

Then, the kids met their parents at the company BBQ Bash…a feast featuring hotdogs, hamburgers and BBQ chicken. (I should say the fantastic food was also avaiable to the childless among us…a celebration for a great month for the company).

It was a beautiful day for a BBQ…and a lot of fun to hear the excited squeals of the children emanating through the hallways.

Quicken Loans BBQ!

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