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Our Diversity and Inclusion team at Quicken Loans created a video series promoting the contributions and achievements from people of various backgrounds.

This month, we celebrate Black History Month with a video produced by our AmazeU team celebrating the many contributions from African-Americans that have impacted our country.

Juanita Moore, president and CEO of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, narrates the video. In it, many achievements of influential African-Americans who shaped our nation’s history are highlighted, with a special perspective on our hometown, Detroit.

One important mention belongs to Carter G. Woodson, the second African-American to to earn a Ph.D from Harvard University and the founder of Negro History Week in 1926. In 1976, President Gerald Ford and the federal government formally recognized Black History Month.

“America really is about inclusion and everybody having a voice and everybody’s voice being important to make this country what it is,” Moore asserts in the video. “I think that African-American history is just a part of that history.”

Quicken Loans is excited to be part of the people moving Detroit forward. Please enjoy the video as we celebrate Black History Month and the impact of African-Americans in not only our city, but our country.

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  1. That was a awesome presentation team. I think you should continue to provide monthly information on our city/culture/diversity/nationality. I believe it will be helpful to hear, see and bring light to our diversities.

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