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The Quicken Loans Family of Companies is passionate about ensuring the future of Detroit is as bright as it can be.

You may have heard about for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. Here at the Quicken Loans Family of Companies, we believe in a third category: “for more than profit.” Our company’s mission is not only to generate profits but also to positively impact the City of Detroit through creating jobs that are filled by Detroiters and reinvesting dollars and time into the city we call home.

In our six and a half short years here, our growing businesses have created 17,000 jobs in the city, our team members have volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours with community nonprofits, and we’ve given nearly $100 million in direct contributions to numerous Detroit community, social and institutional organizations.

We partner with numerous organizations impacting Detroit in a positive way, and recently, the Quicken Loans Family of Companies, Bedrock Detroit and JACK Entertainment were proud to be the presenting sponsors for the Detroit NAACP Branch’s 62nd annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner.

Our Family of Companies shares with the NAACP a desire to change the narrative in Detroit and build a brighter future for the city by spurring growth through economic and community development.

The evening included a special tribute to celebrate women who play a vital role in leveling the playing field for all underrepresented populations.

For more information about the Quicken Loans Family of Companies and the work we’re doing in Detroit, check out Quicken Loans in the Community.

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