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It’s mid-November and temperatures are beginning to plummet across the country. While some regions have already experienced a few weeks of frosty weather, others are just now getting their first chill. No matter where you live, one thing is for sure: winter is barely a month away.

While winter may be your most cherished season, it certainly isn’t your car’s. Cars—if they could express themselves to us—would probably explain how much they abhor the shortened days in winter. Freezing weather puts more stress on a car’s engine and internal components, and can cause extensive and costly damage. Additionally, increased moisture on the road during winter combined with frequent use of salt to thaw road ice can corrode your car’s paint and aluminum body, leading to expensive repairs. Finally, poor road conditions can pose threats to both the car and its driver—the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates snowy and icy roads as one of the greatest dangers drivers can face.

Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to prevent damage and make your car drive as safely as possible while the weather is cold. Use the infographic below as a guide to keeping yourself safe and your car happy while driving this winter:

Car Storage: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
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