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Clean living room interior design

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People go on Pinterest to plan, to learn and to be inspired. According to Pinterest’s newsroom, over 250 million people have discovered new ideas on their platform. They track each search and take note when they start to trend.

What makes a trend on Pinterest? When a search has maintained an upward trajectory for six months or more, the platform qualifies it as a trend.

In 2018, 10 home trends stood out among the rest. These are the trends that Pinterest predicts will reign supreme in 2019 (with tips on how you can use them in your home).

Mustard Yellow

Woman looking at flowers on a table

The ‘70s are back, and they’re taking over your interiors!

Or at least that’s what the data is showing. Home-related searches for mustard yellow were up more than 45% in 2018. Pantone may have named Living Coral as the 2019 Color of the Year, but it seems the people want this blast from the past. Luckily, they pair well together.

Go bold with this golden hue by painting an accent wall or add a kitchen backsplash. If you’d rather keep the bases neutral and add mustard yellow as a pop, try out this tone with throw blankets, pillows or kitchen accessories.

Pinterest Predicts the Top 10 Home Trends of 2019 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

  1. 60- by 50-inch Knit Throw Blanket $24 (no longer sold)
  2. Selena Arm Chair $499
  3. Tasseled Chenille Nadia Pillow $58

Contemporary Fireplaces

Indoor fireplace

Looks like homeowners are staying stylish as they curl up by the fireplace. Contemporary indoor and outdoor fireplace searches were up 763% in 2018.

What makes a contemporary indoor fireplace? Think sleek and minimal. They’re often flush with the wall and don’t have a mantle. If there’s a mantle, the key to keeping it contemporary is minimalism. Instead of layering photos, candles and trinkets, keep the mantle clear or adorned with just a few select pieces.

Contemporary outdoor fireplaces trends keep the same sleekness as their indoor counterparts. Whether your fireplace is built into the wall, table or is freestanding, the key to this trend is to keep the area clean and decluttered.

Textile Art

Woven wall art

Whether you felt it, weave it or stitch it, textile art is surging in the home décor trend list. In 2018, searches related to textile wall art increased by 1,718%. Pinners are looking for ways to dress up their wall with fabric.

Modern macramé wall hangings have been trending for a while, but they peaked in 2018.

For something a little less bohemian, people are also handing quilts, framed textiles and other woven pieces in place of traditional framed art.

Pinterest Predicts the Top 10 Home Trends of 2019 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

  1. Embroidered Cleo Wall Hanging $598
  2. Cayler Textured Tapestry $59
  3. Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Woven Tapestry $14

Geometric Paint

Clean living room interior design

Statement walls have been popular for decades, they’re a design staple, but recently, people were specifically searching for geometric paint. This has Pinterest predicting more geometric statement walls in 2019.

To create a geometric pattern, simply tape off sections of your wall in the pattern you’d like. Paint with one color over the tape or with coordinating colors. However you decide to do it, you’ll create a striking and modern statement in your home.

Tin Interiors


Move over shiplap – there’s a new farmhouse material in town and it’s growing in popularity on Pinterest. Tin interior searches increased by 563% in the last year.

The platform notes trends like tin backsplashes and wallpaper. “Tin is in,” says Pinterest in their newsroom.

Pairing tin with elements like warm wood bridge the farmhouse and industrial style together for something modern and vintage.

Cactus Arrangements

Kitchen interior design

Good news for those with a not-so-green thumb – cactus arrangements are 235% more popular. Toss out all those hard to care for houseplants and jump on the cactus bandwagon.

Consider larger arrangements with multiple cacti and succulents in them for the center of your table or on a home desk. For shelves or smaller areas, cluster a few single cacti at different heights to create dimension.

Vertical Gardens

Kids swinging on chairs

“Vertical gardens are on the rise for people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives,” according to Pinterest’s newsroom. This trend was up 287% in 2018 and is still trending.

What’s a vertical garden? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a garden on your wall. It could be vines that are growing up the wall, potted plants and herbs that hang from structures on the wall or walls completely covered in live greenery.

However you choose to display your vertical garden, it’s a striking display that doubles as art and brings some of the outdoors in.

Painted Floor Tiles

Clean bathroom interior design

Did you buy a house with outdated tile? Instead of replacing it, consider repainting it!

That’s what pinners seem to be opting to do. Searches for 1,276% in 2018 – which means plenty of new colors and styles of tile in 2019. Homeowners are opting for bold colors or modern mosaic-inspired patterns.

If you decide to paint your tile, keep in mind that a traditional wall paint may not be the best option. Consider using floor paint and sealing it with a polyurethane or a polycrylic. It will stand up better against the wear and tear your floors get.

Bold Print Wallpaper

Woman laying on a bed

Between the geometric paint, vertical gardens and the rise in bold wallpaper searches, it’s looking like 2019 is going to be the year of statement-making walls. Pinners searching specifically for bold wallpaper was up 401% over the last year.

Many of these prints showcased exotic tropical leaves and bright colors. If you wanted to combine two of the most popular trends, you could find a geometric print wallpaper. Put it on one wall as an accent piece or cover all the walls to completely transform the space.

Natural Swimming Pools

Backyard landscaping

Just keep swimming – as long as you’re doing it in a natural swimming pool.

Natural pools are filtered naturally with the use of gravel and plants instead of chlorine and other chemicals. This requires roughly half of the surface area to house aquatic plants.  Water will flow through the roots on these plants which act as a filtration system, just like they do in ponds and lakes.

Natural pools still require circulation for the natural filtration system to work most effectively. This requires a pump of some kind.

In comparison to traditional swimming pools, these ones are eco-friendlier and require less maintenance. Plus, they look like a pond in your backyard, and that’s just pretty.

Tying in the Top Trends

Whether you’re planning on making a statement with your wall choices, dabbling with yellow or planning to switch to a natural swimming pool, these top trends are sure to make your home Pinterest-worthy!

Which trends are you excited for? Tell us your favorites in the comment section.

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  1. Great selection of trends for 2019. I’ve also read that coral will be a feature colour in interior decor for this year.

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