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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

My QL AppLike having on-the-go access to your mortgage details? Want to pay your mortgage on your mobile device? Then you’re in luck. We’re introducing a completely revamped version of our MyQL Mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad users.

In addition to allowing you to view your loan details and FYI items, access your to-do items and respond to two-way communications, the latest version has all-new design elements. It also introduces the following new features for clients who are applying for a loan, and clients who are making payments on an existing Quicken Loans mortgage:

  • View your loan details anywhere, anytime
  • Make one-time payments from your device
  • Add and delete bank account information for payments
  • Upload documents from the camera or gallery on your device

The latest version of the app gives you instant access to your mortgage all the way from application to payment. Download the latest version of MyQL Mobile for your device today.

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    1. Hi Larry:

      We’re glad to hear you’ve had a great experience. I’m going to have someone reach out to you with an update today.

      Kevin Graham

  1. Thank you all for reminding me! I HAVE one of those discount cards around here somewhere!
    Guess I’ll use it on my 3rd (THIRD) loan/slash/re-fi and save a few (go) Bucks!
    And “your” is spelt “you’re” as in “You are welcome!”
    Lyle B. -on piano

    1. What are the discount cards Lyle B is talking about??? Is this something I can use to save me some money??

      1. Hi Thomas:

        I’m going to have a Home Loan Expert reach out to you about this. Have a great day!

        Kevin Graham

  2. I’ve been trying to reach one Kaleen O’Connor at QuickenLoans for days now…..You’re caught in the quagmire of having grown too fast…. your emailed responses are a mouse trap.

    1. Good morning Meinhart:

      We’re sorry you’ve had this experience. We’re actively researching your situation to find out what’s going on and will be reaching out to you.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi DPP:

      We don’t hide comments we don’t like. New comments merely take a while to show up on the post. I wanted to pass along to you that someone is looking into your situation and will be reaching out tomorrow. We’re sorry you’ve had a poor experience with us.

      Kevin Graham

  3. QL is extremely misleading. Didn’t need to refinance just thought it would be a good time with lower interest rates. The offer over the phone was great. Then they sent an offer to me on myQL. A lot higher payment with many excuses after talking to a rep. Decided not worth it with all the closing costs. Received a mailer from them with an even lower quote than the others a day later. Then received an e-mail stating they could not offer me a loan when I wouldn’t e-sign their contract. The statement was, “Unfortunately we can not “approve you for a home loan at this time.” Really, I didn’t accept their home refinance loan. “I” don’t want their offer, they didn’t deny my loan!!!! I just didn’t want their terms!!!! They are extremely misleading to the consumer!!!!! I plan on reporting them.

    1. Hi Zoltan:

      I’m going to forward your question to one of our Home Loan Experts who will be reaching out to you.

      Kevin Graham

  4. I need to get ahold of the woman that helped me 1 year ago. Please send me her name and phone number. Thanks, Greg Leslie.

    1. Hey, Greg! I wasn’t able to find a record of you speaking with anyone a year ago, but it looks like you spoke with Lily Ashkar about three months ago. Her number is (313)-373-1381. Is this who you’re referring to? If not, send us another comment and we’ll look into it further. Have a good one, Greg!

  5. Dear QL.

    When we expect to have this great app for Windows devices. I and the other millions happy windows device users are waiting this excellent app to be used.

    Best regards

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