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Puppies make everything better!

That’s the idea behind the Quicken Loans Paws at Work program, which was created to help team members bring their own furry best friends into the office.

The program was founded in August of 2016 after Maureen Glasson, a member of our banking team, suggested that leadership should look into starting a program focused on making the Quicken Loans offices dog friendly. After some work and a whole lot of love, the Paws at Work program was born.

Tasked with making sure doggy visits run smoothly, Paws at Work team members collect dog applications, review appropriate medical information and schedule each visit. Only two dogs are allowed on one floor at a time, and the safety of the dogs is the program’s No. 1 priority.

A building must be approved before dogs can stop by, and the process of seeing the approvals go through is another Paws at Work responsibility. Currently, there are eight approved buildings in the Detroit area, with a Cleveland location that opened just this year.

To see some of the wonderful pups that participate in our program, check out the video above.

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  1. Would you be willing to share the policies and procedures you have developed for this program so others can implement similar programs in their businesses?

    1. Hi Kristi:

      We certainly love our four-legged friends! We have plenty of career opportunities managing various skill sets available for your perusal at our careers site. Check it out! Have an amazing day!

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