Negotiating Cheaper Prices On Nearly Everything

Negotiating Cheaper Prices on Nearly Everything

Negotiation seems like a lost art form, and it can change how much you pay on everything from hotels to insurance. By arming yourself with comparison information, inquiring about specials or simply asking for any available discounts, you can save yourself money on some of the most expensive purchases. Here are five areas of your life where a bit of verbal elbow grease can completely change your life.

What Are Closing Costs?

What are Closing Costs?

Mortgage closing costs are fees charged by the lender, to you, for services that must be performed in order to close your loan. You might be curious about how they’re determined and what’s included, so let’s go over what you can expect on a typical mortgage transaction when you buy or refinance a home.

What Is Escrow? Answers To Common Questions

What Is Escrow? Answers to Common Questions

An escrow account is an account held by a third party who manages the funds. Mortgage escrow accounts are held by your mortgage lender or other escrow holder to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance and possibly homeowners’ association fees (if you have them). Payments are made to the appropriate parties when they’re due.

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