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Retirement sure isn’t what it used to be. In the good old days, most retirees could count on a monthly pension payment along with employer-sponsored health care as they proceeded though their golden years. While most of today’s private sector retirees don’t have the defined-benefit pensions of the past, they do have advantages and opportunities that pensioners of yesteryear could never have imagined. If you’re newly retired, here are some great reasons you may want to get rehired … into a seriously rewarding part-time gig.

Before we begin with the ideas, however, let’s get a game plan together. We’ll take a look at four big career categories – the stuff you did for a living before you retired – and provide some part-time gig suggestions based on what you’ve already become an expert at during the course of your career. Sound like a plan?

General Business

Whether you worked in finance, insurance, banking or any of the other career paths that fell under the category of “general business,” it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find a rewarding part-time position with an employer that will value your decades of experience. Were you a CPA before you retired? Preparing taxes in the spring could be a great option. If you were a marketing professional, you could transition to a part-time marketing consultant role and provide your expertise to firms on a project-by-project basis.

A great resource for businesspeople looking to scale back their hours and ease into retirement is FlexJobs.com. For a pretty reasonable monthly fee, FlexJobs will provide you with listings of the opportunities that make the most sense for your new retirement lifestyle.


If you spent you career writing, drawing, directing, filming, photographing, sculpting or otherwise working in the realm of idea generation, you already know all about the “F” word. I’m talking about freelancing, of course! Now that you’re retired, you can leverage all the contacts you’ve made over the course of your career in your creative field to freelance when you want on the projects that interest you the most.

A great online resource for retired creative pros is Fiverr.com. Fiverr lets you post a description of your skills so you can meet folks who will pay you to do what you do best. Here’s an added bonus: If you’ve decided to start your own business as a part of your retirement journey, Fiverr can hook you up with creative professionals who can help you create your marketing materials, like websites, logos and advertisements.


Did you spend your career in the educational field preparing young people for the challenges of the world? If so, you have a skill set that can allow you to create a very rewarding part-time gig in retirement. Many parents will gladly employ a part-time tutor to help their children get one-on-one instruction from a seasoned educational professional.

Did you teach Spanish, French or some other foreign language at the high school or college level? Multinational companies will gladly pay you to translate for them on a part-time basis. Many former educators have also created successful child-care, nanny and babysitting businesses that fit in with their new lifestyles.

Blue-Collar Professions

If, during the course of your career, you worked with your hands in addition to your brain, there are many ways to put your experience to work in retirement. For instance, if you drove a truck, you could switch to driving for Uber or Lyft during your retirement years. Many tour companies would also love to have an experienced trucker driving their tour buses.

Let’s say you worked as a master electrician, carpenter or mason. It can be very easy to switch to being a part-time estimator or supervisor in any of these construction-related fields.

If You’re Retired, You’re Desired!

Many businesses are interested in hiring newly retired employees because it makes sense to them and their bottom line. They know that many times, you don’t need benefits because you’re already on Medicare. They also have come to realize that more experienced workers often have an outstanding work ethic.

As a newly retired part-time employee, you accept less pay and fewer benefits in exchange for more freedom and the opportunity to stay in the game and keep active. It’s working for more and more retirees – open yourself up to the possibility that it may work for you as well!

To learn more about other retirement topics, check out our other posts about unconventional retirement and how to build a successful retirement.

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  1. Great article, great ideas, and food for thought! I am thoroughly enjoying retirement, but at times think of working part time. Based on my past experience, I would be able to do this with no problem.

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