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Abby Festenstein InternBeing the new kid on the block is never easy. Whether it be the first day at a new school, showing up to a party where you know no one, or in my case, my first day as a Content Strategy Intern at Quicken Loans.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I’d never been to downtown Detroit before. The one-way streets and confusing highway system took a bit of time to get used to, but somehow I managed to make it to Quicken Loans headquarters located in the Compuware building.

My first couple of days were a bit of a blur, as there was a lot of handshaking and trying to grasp the Quicken Loans lingo as best as I possibly could. Everyone was friendly and encouraged me to reach out for help and guidance if I needed it. Overall, I felt welcomed and optimistic about the work I’d be doing during my time as an intern.

Since then, a few weeks have gone by and I’m still very much enjoying my time. My team leader likes to say that he allows for his interns to make the most of their own internship, and I find this tactic to be extremely successful. I’m learning something new every day, in the areas that I find interesting, which allows for me to produce my best possible work. I get the chance to focus my time on the projects that appeal to me most. The internship is catered to what I think would make my time as successful as possible; this helps me grow as a young professional entering the marketing world.

Last week, for example, one of my mentors was out of the office for a conference. While he was gone, I was responsible for overseeing a couple of his projects. An intern, who has only been here for about a month, was given the responsibility to oversee real projects and take the lead as her mentor was out of the office. I know that type of responsibility isn’t given to interns everywhere, which is one of the many reasons why I’m grateful for my time at Quicken Loans. I’m able to step up and take on actual projects. I’m not wasting my time, or anyone else’s, by going on coffee runs or making copies.

In the short amount of time that I’ve been at Quicken Loans, I’ve come to realize that I’m right where I need to be to jump start my career in my hopes of being successful in the competitive marketing and advertising worlds. I know I’ll grow here and am looking forward to the projects and opportunities that come my way. I’ll continue to inform our readers with updates on my intern experience as the weeks continue, so stay tuned!

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