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Suburban neighborhood at golden hour.

At Quicken Loans®, one of our core values is being “obsessed with finding a better way.” Whether we’re working to radically reinvent the mortgage process, deliver an incredible experience for our clients, or provide a world-class experience for our team members, we’re not interested in the status quo. This same passion for innovation applies to our commitment to the community.  

For example, back in 2013 we asked what would happen if hundreds or thousands of people gathered together at one time, with one goal, to make a positive impact in their community? That simple question was the genesis of Neighborhoods Week, an annual volunteer effort led by the Quicken Loans Community Fund that has led to significant improvements in our home communities of Detroit, Phoenix, Cleveland and Charlotte.

Neighborhoods Week began as a partnership with the nonprofit Life Remodeled and focused on efforts to improve Detroit’s North End community. In subsequent years, we’ve worked with the organization to impact even more Detroit neighborhoods. In 2016, we extended Neighborhoods Week to our other home communities of Phoenix, Charlotte and Cleveland through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

As the scope of Neighborhoods Week has grown, so has our impact. Since our first Neighborhoods Week, nearly 9,500 team members have contributed more than 56,300 hours in support of this critical work!

We’re excited to say that 2019 was one of our best Neighborhoods Week efforts so far! This year, 1,191 team members contributed 6,096 hours of volunteer time, helping residents improve the quality of their homes and the overall stability of their neighborhoods. Beginning in Detroit and ending in Phoenix, each project was a little bit different, but they all showed the incredible passion of our team members and the unbelievable impact that can happen when they work together.

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