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Avocado, lemon juice, coconut oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, eggs … they’re possibly ingredients of a weird salad, yes, but they’re also ingredients found in almost every kitchen that are perfect for hair treatments. In my quest to go green and avoid harsh chemicals, I’ve discovered there are plenty of natural hair products that are inexpensive, chemical-free and right in my refrigerator.

Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a big one. Though I find the name “No ‘Poo Movement” gross, I like the idea of stripping away any harsh chemicals in my hair and restoring it to its natural balance. I’ve gone about two months now using just baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair, and I’m pleased with the results – my hair is super shiny and feels so much fluffier.

Simply work one or two tablespoons of baking soda into your wet hair at the scalp with your fingertips. Making a paste makes it a little easier and prevents less baking soda from falling than using it dry. You can also dilute one tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of water and pour that on your hair instead. Just make sure to work it in.

After you’ve rinsed the baking soda off, dilute a tablespoon or two (you may have to experiment to find the right concentration) of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and pour it over your head, or just the ends of your hair if they’re extra dry, and rinse again. The apple cider vinegar restores your hair to its natural pH balance, resulting in soft, natural-looking hair.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great way to lighten up blonde hair even more; it’s been a mainstay for me since I discovered it as a teenager. Simply pour lemon juice in a spray bottle, spritz your hair and enjoy some time in the sun. Wash it out in the shower; it works very well with the baking soda/ACV combo, since the lemon juice further conditions the hair and prevents it from getting too greasy-feeling.

Since it acts as a natural bleach, it can dry out hair, so it might work best to pair it with a natural conditioner, like coconut oil. It’s also a great option without a conditioner if your hair is feeling a touch too greasy!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great hair moisturizer, especially if your ends are dry. Take a small spoonful of solid coconut oil and let it melt in your hands. This makes it much easier to spread around your hair. Work it into the ends of your hair, going as high up your hair length as you want. I’ve found that going up to my scalp makes my hair feel a shade too greasy, but of course, no two scalps are alike.

If you do run into problems rinsing the oil out of your hair, I recommend either baking soda or a natural soap like Dr. Bronner’s to help remove it.


Aside from being a sandwich’s best friend, avocado is perfect for adding moisture and shine to your hair without any harsh additives. This page has a treasure trove of avocado concoctions to use for all sorts of results. I’m a fan of using it for a moisturizing treatment for dry or split ends. Using a flat iron has destroyed my ends, so I’ll try anything to help mitigate the brittleness! Mash up an avocado into a paste, work it into the ends of your hair as far up as you’d like, and cover it all with a shower cap (or plastic wrap in a pinch!) for 15 or so minutes. Rinse it out, use baking soda or shampoo to get the remnants out, and enjoy silky, smooth follicles!


The oil base of mayonnaise is the key ingredient to mayo’s magical moisturizing properties. Much like avocado, simply scoop out some, work it into your damp hair and cover it with a shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave it in for 15 minutes or so, longer if your hair is very dry. Rinse it out and shampoo or use baking soda to help get it out. If you’re worried about smelling like deviled eggs, you can always add a drop or two of essential oil to your rinse water!


If only Ramona Quimby had known that eggs are yet another excellent natural conditioner for hair, she might not have been quite so sad to end up with a raw one in her hair. The yolks in particular help strengthen hair follicles, all the while moisturizing your hair. Mixing eggs with a dash of apple cider vinegar makes a nice hair treatment. Just add it to your damp hair, cover with plastic and then rinse with warm water. The key is warm water, not hot; you don’t want a headful of scrambled eggs.

Did I miss anything? Have you tried any of these? Have you accidentally cracked a raw egg on your head in front of your third-grade classmates? Share in the comments below!


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