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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

It seems like just yesterday that we were dreaming up an innovative way to help our clients manage their mortgages with ease – and entirely online. Now, it’s been only a little over a year since our pride and joy, MyQL, was born, but our site is really growing up. And it’s getting even smarter, too.

We’ve learned a lot about how we can make MyQL better over the past 12 months, but we couldn’t have done it without the great comments we received from its users. With our clients’ help (and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease), we’ve developed three new features that make MyQL easier to use – and mortgages simpler to manage.


Take It Anywhere with Our New Site Design

MyQL is now mobile-friendly! To manage your mortgage anytime, anyplace, just visit MyQL.com on your smartphone or tablet. And don’t forget to bookmark the site in your browser – that way, you’ll only be a click away from accessing your documents, payment history, balance and more!


Access ALL Your Previous Bill Statements Online

You spoke up, and we listened. We updated MyQL to give you access to your entire collection of bill statements, not just your current one. (And without all that paper, we’re saving some trees while we’re at it!) Head over to the Documents tab at the top of the site…and voila! You’ll see a full history of your previous monthly mortgage statements appear before your eyes.


View a Running Balance within Your Payment History

The Payment History feature was great to begin with, but we think this little makeover is going to help make MyQL a real gem! You’ll now be able to see your entire transaction history and current balance – all in one place. Check this awesome new feature by clicking the Transaction History tab at the top of MyQL’s homepage; we think you’ll dig seeing your payment information all spiffed up.

You’d better believe we’ll keep working to make managing your mortgage even easier, so keep your eyes peeled for MyQL updates in the future. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Skip on over to MyQL on your smartphone, tablet or computer to see these amazing new features in action!




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This Post Has 8 Comments

    1. Hi Robert:

      We don’t offer home equity loans. These often come in the form of a second mortgage and you get a better rate by securing a loan on your primary mortgage, which is what we do with a cash-out refinance. If you would like to go over your options, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage or get started over the phone with one of our Home Loan Experts by calling (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  1. It is not clear to me about which improvements you are talking about. I have logged into my account several times and I don’t see anything new. No new design and I cannot find all my previous statements, as stated here. My account only shows the last statement. Moreover, I keep getting emails from QL about signing up to receive the 1098 tax statements online. I cannot find any button to sign up. Are we actually looking at the same website?

    1. Hi Lonel! We’re sorry you’re having difficulties with the site. I’m going to have one of our MyQL experts reach out to you so we can resolve this issue. Have a great day!

  2. During all of the updating and adding new features, please do not forget to keep the site accessible to customers who are blind or visually impaired. We cannot access the information unless it is programmed to be compatible with our assistive technology (screen readers, etc.) So far, QL has done a nice job of keeping information accessible or making other accommodations for those of us who can no longer read normal print. Just keep us in mind during the updates, please.

    Making and keeping sites accessible is easy. This information can be found on the website of the American Foundation for the Blind at http://www.afb.org. Just do a quick search for website accessibility. Eezee Peezy.


    1. Great points, DJ! I’m going to make sure the right people see this. We don’t want anybody to be left out from using MyQL!

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Hey Brad!

      Good news! You can already check out your interest paid on the ‘Transaction History’ page. Your real-estate taxes can also be viewed on the website via the ‘Taxes & Insurance’ page.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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