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You’ve decided it’s time to make the jump and move to a new home. Before you embark on your moving adventure, keep some of the tips below in mind:

Don’t Procrastinate

From renting your moving truck to packing, don’t wait until the last minute. They say it’s better to be over-prepared above all. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to moving. Reserve your moving truck at least a month ahead of time. Don’t forget to notify the important companies of your change of address. Be sure to make all proper arrangements in advance to ensure a smoother move.

Ask for Help

Moving is a stressful event, and the more hands available, the better. Friends and family are always the go-to for help, and if they are available, make sure to have plenty of food and drink on hand to keep them hydrated and comfortable. If you don’t have enough help, consider hiring labor to help with the loading and unloading of your moving truck.

Purge While Packing

You’ll find while you’re packing that it may be time to get rid of some clutter before moving to your new home. Efficiently purge unnecessary items by setting aside some items for a yard sale or to donate to your local charity. If you think you may need some of these items in the future but not in your new home, put them in storage!

Learn to Load a Moving Truck

Remember to put the heavier items on bottom to keep them from falling on lighter items and damaging them. You can also load the truck in tiers and cells, tying each cell off before continuing to load. This will keep your items in place and prevent them from sliding while in transit.

Pack the Essentials Separately

Pack an overnight bag for your first night in your new home. Many items may not be unpacked in time for the first couple nights in your new place. Some items you’ll want in your overnight bag include bath towels, toothpaste and toothbrush, toilet paper, makeup, phone chargers, prescription medication and a change of clothes. Be sure to keep your first aid kit available for any accidents.

Go One Room at a Time

Whether you’re packing or unpacking, save yourself the headache and take it one room at a time. This will help you stay organized throughout your move and will make finding items much easier. Don’t forget to label your boxes with the contents and the room destination!

Stay on Schedule

Stay on top of your moving day schedule by confirming all reservations and arrangements beforehand. Call and double check that your moving truck is available for pick up on time. Setting reminders for yourself in your phone and making lists are great ways to keep your move efficient.

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  1. Sticking to your plan will make your move so much easier. Even little deviations will add up and mess your whole timeline up. Great advice!

  2. Nice post!
    I liked the way the entire process is divided into few important stages. You have covered up the major issues that one needs to know.

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