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There’s nothing quite like the stress of moving from one home to another. Unless you enjoy organizing and packing up all of your belongings, you probably agree that moving is no fun. However, before you go through the annoying process of notifying everyone of your address change, you must first conquer the hardest part of the entire process: finding the right city.

With limited free time due to work and other obligations, it’s not easy finding time to look around. It’s even more difficult if you’re moving out of state.

Yes, moving presents its fair share of challenges. However, with a little planning, you can make things easy on yourself. Interested on what you can do to find the right city or neighborhood for you and your family? Check out the tips below!

Online Resources

These will be your new best friend. You can find out nearly everything you need to know about any city in the U.S. without ever leaving your couch by using sites such as With a simple search for a city you’re interested in, you’ll find statistics on population, household income, crime and much more. There’s even a message board that features non-residents asking questions about other factors such as weather and school systems with current residents responding. Before posting your own question, be sure to search the message boards. You’ll likely find that someone has already asked many of the same questions you have.

Once you’ve narrowed down some cities that interest you, it’s time to see what they have to offer as far as entertainment. For that, try You’ll find user reviews for restaurants, museums and other fun spots to check out.

Take a Trip

If you’re taking a new job in a different state and have limited time, sometimes you don’t have the time to check out new locations in person. However, if at all possible, take a trip out to your new destination before you start signing the paperwork. You’ll want to check out the commute to/from work, see what the local area has to offer, and check out the price difference between renting and buying. Another thing to consider is noise. If you’re used to living in an area with very little traffic, you could be in for a rude awakening if your new home is near an airport or train tracks.

Make a List

If you’re moving to take a new job, you’re pretty tied down as far as where you can live. However, if you’re moving to get a fresh start, what types of things are important to you? Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible cities, make a pro/con list of each city. If you’re looking to move from a cold-weather climate to something more tropical, your cities will most likely be located in the same geographic location. From there, perhaps job opportunities are next on your list. What location has more jobs in your field? By creating a list, you’re more likely to end up in the location you want.

What other tips do you have for someone looking for the perfect neighborhood? Let us know in the comments below!


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