Zagster Bike Sharing - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAs the self-proclaimed Quicken Loans bike evangelist (one of my team members likes to joke that I’m “vegan for bikes”), I was extremely excited when the company announced they’d be providing complementary bike sharing in Detroit to all of their 9,200 team members located downtown.

The program allows team members to borrow a cruiser bike and ride it anywhere around the city for a 24-hour period. The bikes are located at eight different stations around downtown Detroit. The plan is to add more bikes and stations if team members are using them. So…are they?

Quicken Loans officially announced the partnership with Zagster on July 24, but the bikes were installed on July 19 with this sign prominently displayed at each station.

Team members didn’t wait for an official announcement. Equipped with instructions on how to borrow the bikes, it wasn’t long before Zagster bikes could be seen pedaling all over the city.

Zagster Bike Riding - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

From time to time, I’ll ride my bike to work. One of my favorite things about commuting by bike is being able to have a bike downtown during lunch. Now, if I don’t have time to make my 10 mile commute in the morning, I can still get out and enjoy the city on bike, and ride to many of Detroit’s scenic destinations with my friends.

Every day, you can see team members riding to Eastern Market, Detroit’s historic, six-block public market.

Team members can now easily cruise down the Detroit riverfront to the Dequindre Cut, a beautiful 1.35 mile greenway on a former railroad line.

The bikes also serve a practical purpose for many team members. Nathan Hughes from Detroit Labs (a Detroit Venture Partners company – all part of the Quicken Loans family of companies) used a bike to save time, get exercise and get some items for the office.

“We ran out of coffee so I took a bike to make a quick jump up to Biggby in Midtown. It was so much easier than grabbing my car from the lot, driving up, finding parking, getting my car back to the lot, then back to the office. Love it!”

Zagster Bike Riders - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Quicken Loans team members enjoying a beautiful day on the Detroit Riverfront.

Ultimately, the thing that excites me most about the bike sharing program at Quicken Loans is the potential for creating a sustainable bike sharing program for the entire city of Detroit. Although it’s currently limited to Quicken Loans team members, I’m confident that this pilot program will prove that bikes are a desired mode of transportation for many, and should be considered when making infrastructure plans for the city. I can’t wait to see this program expand. It helps get drivers used to seeing bikes on the streets of downtown, and it’s showing some very important people making some very important decision about Detroit (cough…Dan Gilbert…cough) that bike sharing is a great thing for the city.

Does your city or company have a bike sharing program? How do you like it? Got an opinion about the Quicken Loans bike sharing program? Let us know in the comments!










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