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Matt Fish outside of the Compuware Building in downtown Detroit.

Periodically, the Zing blog runs a spotlight interview with one of our team members who have hidden and special talents. One particular team member came to Quicken Loans through a cutting-edge program aimed at using young talent to renew communities across the U.S.

Matt Fish is one of 68 fellows in the Venture for America program this year who are working in corporate America across eight U.S. cities. Matt, who started as a marketing program specialist in July, is the only program fellow working at Quicken Loans.

“I’ve loved everything about working at Quicken Loans and living in downtown Detroit,” said Matt, who graduated from Oberlin College in 2013 with a degree in Economics and in Law and Society. “This program encourages recent grads from Ivy League schools to work for start-up companies and companies that are revitalizing cities like Detroit.”

Venture for America, which was founded by Andrew Yang in 2011, aims to revive U.S. cities through entrepreneurship and enables bright college graduates to create new opportunities for themselves and others. The fellowship program has placed college graduates with over 45 companies in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland, Providence, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

“Venture for America put us through two months of training where we got systems training and did company case studies,” Matt explained. “It was a bit like ‘The Apprentice because we worked in teams to complete certain challenge exercises.”

Matt, like all of the fellows, receives a full salary from their sponsoring company and is required to commit two years to their respective company. The top performer from each class of fellows gets access to $100,000 in capital to start their own business.

“I’ve gotten the chance to float around and work with different marketing teams. I’ve worked on sponsorships, HGTV promotions, Detroit Lions promotions and other stuff,” said Matt, who previously interned at Detroit Venture Partners and Hired My Way. “The main reason I joined Venture for America is because I want to see the turnaround of Detroit and be a part of it! There was nowhere else that I wanted to go.”

“I think this program is a great opportunity for young people to learn a lot,” said Matt. “It has definitely been challenging and a rewarding experience! The connections I’ve made will last a lifetime.”


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