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Are you hosting a holiday party this year and not sure how you’re going to have enough space for it? Decorating a small room in your home can be difficult.

However, we talked to professional organizers and creative design experts to provide you with tips on how you can maximize the nooks and crannies inside your home with the right decor and organization.

Declutter and Organize Your Space

Alison Kero, a professional organizer and CEO of Ack Organizing, shared her favorite tips on how you can maximize small areas in your home.

Kero stresses the importance of buying holiday items with three specific details in mind – you should like the way the decor looks in your space, make sure it works the way you want it to and ensure that it fits in the space.

“If you do this, you’re more likely to have the decorations work for, rather than against the room,” says Kero. “Only keep what you need and have space for, if you can help it.”

To make sure you optimize the space, decluttering is key. Pitch any holiday decorations you don’t use or like anymore.

“Do that within the space you are decorating and with the holiday decorations themselves,” says Kero. “There’s nothing sadder than an old, worn holiday decoration. So only display what truly brings you joy during the holiday season.”

And you don’t have to let go of everything. You can store away wall hangings or extra furniture from the room you’re decorating to make it feel cleaner and roomier.

“Think vertically. The walls and ceiling are great places to hang decorations without taking up any additional space,” says Kero.

Decorate with Intense Color

Along with agreeing with Kero about getting rid of as much clutter as you can, Michael Valvo, a creative director who has worked in design for nearly three decades, believes that by decorating with the right color, you’ll give the space you’re trying to maximize a lot of depth.

“Use lots of one intense color like raspberry or pine green on a tablecloth,” says Valvo. “I like red for the winter holiday because it opens up your circulation. It’s associated with joy and conviviality.”

Valvo believes that red increases circulation, appetite and joy. So if your dining room is the small space you’re decorating, consider buying a red-toned tablecloth that’s festive and creates a joyful atmosphere.

“Go to a thrift store and buy an ugly mirror and paint it gold or even white against a dark wall,” said Valvo. “Remember, light colors or mirrors against intensely dark walls give the illusion of depth.”

Use a Tabletop Christmas Tree or Half a Tree

Don’t feel like you can’t put up a Christmas tree because of the amount of space it takes up. You can still spread the holiday spirit by putting up half a Christmas tree – no matter if your tree is real or fake.

Author of “Keep This, Toss That” and organizing expert Jamie Novak recommends opting for part a tree as a space saver.

“If you get a live tree, ask the place to trim the backside so it can sit flush to the wall,” says Novak. “If you have a faux tree, don’t insert all the braches. You can have a 1/2 or even a 1/4 of a tree, which fits snug in a corner. To keep it balanced, you may need to secure it.”

If you don’t feel like trimming a Christmas tree, Liz Toombs, owner and president of Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors, suggests purchasing a tabletop Christmas tree for extra floor space.

“Just because a tree is going on a table does not mean it has to be small,” says Toombs. “Depending on your space, full-size trees can be very impactful on a tabletop. Plus, if you live in a cramped apartment, a tabletop tree frees up valuable floor area.

Open Up Your Room to Natural Light

Another way to make your decorating space appear larger is to make your room brighter by opening up your room to natural light.

To make a small room look larger, think light and airy. Embrace as much natural lighting as the room allows,” says Toombs.

Another recommendation from Toombs is to choose sheer panels that are the same color as your walls to maximize the space.

“Opt for shear panels to keep the space open and do not be afraid of color,” she says. “Choosing sheer panels the same color as your walls make your room seem even bigger.

If you have any suggestions on how to decorate the small spaces of your home this holiday season, share in the comments!

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  1. Great tips. The one about having the back of the xmas tree trimmed so that it is flush against the wall is especially brilliant!

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