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I just realized something pretty strange.

I display my bananas, oranges and other juicy fruits in a well-thought out kaleidoscopic display atop an ornate flowered platter in my kitchen. Tasty treats that only cost a couple bucks – and always go bad before I even eat them – sure do get the royal treatment at my house.

Then there’s my makeup collection. I could probably buy a year’s supply of bananas with the amount I spend on beauty products every few months, but I subject my lovely rainbow of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and other artfully-packaged cosmetics to confinement in a messy, ratty makeup bag.

Does this sound familiar, ladies? I think it’s time we ditched our old makeup bags in favor of something fantastic yet functional, which puts our cosmetic collections front and center. Here’s a list to inspire you!

To find just the right storage situation for your needs, be sure to consider the following questions as you’re perusing the ideas below:

What setup might benefit my daily schedule?

Do I favor form before function? Or function before form?

How much room do I have?

How much am I willing to spend?

Can I repurpose something I already own?

Keep It on the Countertop

Small set of drawers









The Container Store; $17.99

Vanity tray









Bed, Bath & Beyond; $19.99

Portable bins








PB teen; $39–$89

Revolving tray








QVC; $29.82

And something you might already have … decorative dishes








Via Pinterest

Do Away with Disorganized Drawers

Drawer dividers








Organize-It; $20.99

And something you might already have … bead organizer







Via Makeup and Beauty Blog

Leave It Hanging

Customizable magnetic board









Etsy; $36

Hanging pails









Via Buzzfeed

And something you might already have … hanging travel organizer









Via Buzzfeed

Fuss-Free and Functional

Train cases









Target; $29.89

And something you might already have … tackle box









Via Pinterest

Bonus: Brush with Brilliance

Glass jars filled with small, decorative objects









Via Pinterest

Roll up brush bag








Sephora; $26

And something you may already have … empty jars









Via The Glamorous Housewife

Now, I’m tempted to repurpose that fancy fruit basket of mine into a cosmetic tray, but I think I’ll stick with one of these ideas instead. Have any other pretty yet perfectionist-friendly makeup storage tips you’d like to share? Comment below!


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