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Many people don’t relish the idea of spring cleaning, yet need to do it from time to time. It can feel good to get rid of the excess stuff you might not be using anymore. In addition, if you’re short on cash or just want to add to your stash, there are ways you can make money from your spring cleaning efforts.

Clothing and Accessories

Go through your clothes closet. Weed out what you don’t wear because it doesn’t fit, is too worn or you didn’t really like it once you got it home. Don’t forget to go through the coat closet, too. Don’t give in to those “what if” feeling – be ruthless! If you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s time to say farewell!

After you weed through your clothes, it’s time to decide how best to sell the things you don’t need. How much you can get depends on how worn the items are, the quality and brand name of the items, and how much time you want to spend selling them.

Whenever I do a closet purge I make four piles: quality items, garage sale items, charity and trash. The items that are of good quality and not showing a lot of wear, I usually try to sell through online sites such as thredUP or Postmark first.

If they don’t sell, I try my local Facebook sales groups. Other options include local thrift stores and consignment shops. Keep in mind, that some of these shops also charge a commission. Check the fine print before signing or agreeing to anything.

The rest of the piles are pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve found that clothes sell well at garage sales in my area, so I rarely have anything in the charity or trash piles. After my garage sale, I donate everything that’s left over. You can still benefit from giving things to charity if you get a receipt to deduct the value from your taxes.


If you have used furniture to sell, there are several different ways you can go about it. As a bonus, you’ll gain more room in your home as well as extra money! You can list nicer items on Craigslist or with a consignment store, or you can sell the item through an online sales group in your area. Some flea markets and thrift stores also take furniture.

If the item is antique or vintage, you may be able to try your luck at an antique store and make a little more than selling it on your own. As a last resort, you could sell the item at a garage sale, but you probably won’t get as much for it as you would selling it one of the other ways.


Books are slightly harder to sell now that so many people are relying on e-books. There are people who don’t have e-readers or who still love the printed word and prefer paper books, so although the market has diminished, it’s still there. Again, the value of your books is going to be determined partly by wear but also by the type of book and how rare or desired it is by the general public.

A couple of good places to sell books are Amazon and eBay. You could also try your local thrift shop, online sales groups, garage sales and even Facebook. With each option, check out how much books are going for before deciding. For example, many used books on Amazon are only selling for $1 or less, unless they’re either very recent or very old. Books on these ends of the spectrum are less likely to be available as a used copy and thus, they tend to be worth more. I’ve also had better luck selling fiction books as an entire set if I happen to own a whole series. So, hang onto your books until you’re finished reading the entire series to get more money back from reselling them.

If you have textbooks, try selling them right after you’ve finished the class. You might be able to sell them to another student or on Amazon. These are usually much better ways to sell books than taking them back to the university bookstore, but these options do take a little more leg work.


It can be difficult to sell electronic devices the longer you keep them; you’ll most likely get less money as the item ages and becomes less desirable or replaced by newer technology. To sell electronic devices, try your local online sales groups as well as eBay or Amazon. There are more options on the internet as well if those choices don’t appeal to you. It could pay to scout a few of them out before you make a final decision.

Miscellaneous Items

All of the little items we collect over the years can be sold in a variety of different ways – eBay is always an option, but if you have a lot of small items, you might prefer to sort them out and have a garage sale yourself. To make the most from such an enterprise, group like items together and make sure they are easy to see. Make prices visible so there is no guesswork, and be willing to barter or make deals. Put clothes on hangers grouped according to season and size. Keep plastic bags close at hand so people can sack up their treasures as they leave.

General Tips

No matter which methods you choose to help you eliminate clutter, there are a few simple things you can do to help you cash in a little more. Make sure all items are in good repair and free of dust. As you take photos for items posted online, take them in adequate light so their true colors, size, etc. can easily be seen.

Spring cleaning isn’t an activity some people would say is fun. However, it’s possible to make money from your efforts so you can dread the chore a little less!

Have you made money from spring cleaning at home? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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  1. Like the article some good tips. Funny how we have a tendency to collect crap which; doesn’t fit, we don’t like, don’t have room for don’t use. Having a cple extra bucks in your pocket and getting rid stuff you don’t need shouldn’t be hard. If I won the contest I’d get one of those custom closet organization systems:)

    1. That’s a good question. You can enter here, but I’m going to pass this to our tech team to see if they can replicate the problem you’re having with the pop-up. Can you tell me what browser, device and operating system you are using?

      Kevin Graham

  2. Great tips! Check out flipsy.com if you want to sell your used electronics. Lots of great information there, too. Did you know buyback companies pay 30% more on average than carriers for used smartphones? And, they pay it in cash – not store credit!

  3. This site stinks. I’ve spent about ten minutes trying to find out how to enter your contest. I don’t think you want people to enter your contest, that’s why you make it so hard.

    1. Hi Dan:

      I can assure you that we absolutely want people to enter the contest. Somebody has to win after all. If you want to email me your information, we can enter you and if there’s a problem, we’ll be able to diagnose it. The only other thing I would need from you is your phone number. I have everything else from this comment. I’m going to send you an email and just reply back and I can get you entered.

      Kevin Graham

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