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Mother and son playing on the couch

A beautiful interior design calls for an assortment of home décor. Before you spend hours perfecting your house with up-to-date coffee tables, vases and other easily breakable items, know that some of these could prove dangerous for children. After countless trips to décor stores to create the perfect living room, how do you take on the impossibility of creating a beautifully decorated, child-friendly home?


Hard flooring can be a high-risk situation for young children who love to run around and play, but there is a simple and fashionable solution to soften those hard floors without taking away their beauty. Rugs are making a stylish comeback in the décor industry; in fact, they are perfect for hardwood floors with the wide range of types and sizes.

There are so many different options to choose from. Patterned rugs are stylish and can add to the theme of a room. Bright colors are a trendy option that could add the perfect to pop the hardwood floor. Rugs often have trendy designs, but their softness takes away the impact of a child falling on a hardwood floor.

Kid Friendly Furniture

Finding stylish furniture that is also child-friendly can be a difficult task. L-Shaped couches and low-rise chairs could fill the living room with sophisticated décor while still maintaining a child-friendly environment.  L-shaped couches have minimal sharp edges and can fit perfectly against the corner of a living room, making the room more spacious and comfortable for children. They are a popular item right now and perfect for those family game nights. These couches come in a variety of sizes and colors that could work well with the color of your home.

When trying to stay child-friendly, it is important to choose a chair that has soft edges and low legs—just precautionary for trips and slips. Low-rise and soft-edged chairs are a great solution to keep children from climbing up and risking a fall.

Violet is currently a popular color in the home décor world. There are plenty of low-level and soft-edged chairs in this color bracket, so be on the lookout!  If this is not your color, know that there are plenty of other options available.

Also, Dr. Colleen Carroll, author of Hooked on Screens: How to Get Your 5-14 Year Old to Put Down the Phones, Video Games and Electronic Devices and Pick Up a Book mentions that reading chairs are a great way to engage with children while keeping a stylish tone in the room. There are many options for reading chairs that also identify as low-raise and soft-edged.

The Dangers of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables could have sharp edges dangerous for children; however, if your coffee table is a staple to your furniture set, you can work around this. First off, recognize the eye level of your children and move forward from there. Remember, while the coffee tables might still have sharp edges, the lower the table, the better! Keep coffee tables and other climbing hazards low.  Lower coffee tables can be very trendy, especially in different tasteful colors to match the room around it.

Also, make a note of what is on those tables. If these objects are hazardous to children, they should be stored in a different location.

Round coffee tables add a unique aspect to a room. They are also in style in 2018 because their round edges are perfect for a child-safe environment, while still giving off a fresh, new look. Tables with bright patterns can make a statement and help tie a room together, while still assuring parents that their children are in a safe space. No sharp edges needed.

If it’s Important, Build a Shelf for it

This may go without saying, but just as a reminder, try to keep hazardous family heirlooms out of the reach of children. Children seem to be unable to keep their hands to themselves, so make sure you keep breakable items out of the way. It may be worth it to invest in some chic—and sturdy—shelves.

Shelving units are a great way to keep fragile items out of the reach of children. There are countless trendy units that fit the style of any room. These units could also go in any room around the house, including your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Some shelving units come with hooks that could be great placeholders for mugs, keys or other special items.

Bookshelves offer another option to keep special items safe and out of reach. 5-decker bookshelves are a great option because of their sturdiness. Due to its multi-layered design, it is easy to put the breakable items on the top and the less breakable items closer to the bottom. Some sets even come with drawers, which are perfect for storing, and effectively hiding, items that are not child-friendly.

There are so many options that could contribute to a beautiful home while still maintaining a child-friendly environment.

What are some ways you make your home stylish and child-friendly? Let us know in the comments below!

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