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Fall home decor

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Pumpkins are popping up in local grocery stores, daisies and daffodils are being swapped for sunflowers and chrysanthemums, and the morning air has a crisp chill that can only be tolerated with a spiced drink in hand. This can only mean one thing: Fall is on its way!

In the fall, the days get shorter and the nights longer. The combination of less light and cold weather causes us to recluse inside of our homes, seeking warmth, comfort and intimacy. Think of your home décor as a response to these instincts.

This season is all about comfort over style and function over form, and here to show us how to transition with grace are professional interior designers and decorators.

Balanced Fall Colors

Fall décor, like most seasonal home décor, follows the example of outdoor colors to influence its style. Think of the colors found in fall trees: deep brown and green, orange and yellow dance into our minds.

However, as you may have noticed, these are all very loud, powerful colors – especially when paired together. That’s why decorating your home with traditional fall colors can be a balancing act – especially because color is known to affect your mood.

Abra Landau, a design expert at Fashion Furniture Rental, suggested balancing the warm, earthy fall tones with complimentary cold neutrals, like light gray. If you’re looking for a more dramatic contrast, Jessica McRae, co-founder of SwatchPop!, dares dark paint, like black, as a baseline color.

“Dark paint is definitely having a moment,” said McRae. “We’re using dark painted walls for a more dramatic effect this fall and winter. Dark painted walls and cabinetry, large-scale artwork, and bold patterns create strong, impactful designs.”

If you’re not ready to commit to dark walls, McRae suggested mixing in darker textiles like fabrics, lighting and accessories to create a strong contrast with the otherwise vibrant fall colors.

fall style

  1. Interior Paint – Garden Trowel: $43
  2. Ottoman Pouf Plaid: $60
  3. House Bud Vase: $7 – $13

Comfort Over Style

As the weather gets colder, most homeowners will shift focus from their outdoor spaces and begin to evolve their interior furniture and décor. In response to the colder weather and shorter daylight, fall furniture may turn to the comfortable and functional, rather than the minimal and clean-cut.

Most interior designers agree that there’s been a recent shift from midcentury modern and minimalistic décor, and while it’s not totally being phased out in every home, there’s definitely more focus on what’s comfortable rather than what’s minimal.

“I’m seeing a shift away from straight edges and hard lines,” said Glenna Stone, from Glenna Stone Interior Design. “Furniture is taking on more rounded silhouettes, like curved back sofas along with tables and chests with curved fronts. I think it ties into an overall trend towards softer, comfortable spaces.”

As far as home décor style, two prominent trends seem to be on every interior designer’s mind: bohemian and farmhouse.

“Midcentury modern is a classic style. Its popularity will always persist,” suggested John Linden, interior and furniture designer from Mirror Coop. “However, I’ve noticed a slightly more eccentric bohemian style becoming more popular.”

For those who want to live “la vie Bohème”, Linden suggested paisley prints and quirky floral patterns when updating your home’s style for fall.

fall style

  1. Rattan Decorative Tray – $10
  2. Wall Hanging – Ivory: $26
  3. Floral Velvet Throw Pillow: $60

If your style is more Joanna Gains than gypsy, you may have a farmhouse décor style in your home. McRae suggests that while farmhouse style has been growing in popularity, the overall feel of the style is moving from shabby to refined.

“Styles are leaning a little more refined this fall,” explained McRae. “While the farmhouse style is still popular, we’re seeing a lot more of the modern, contemporary farmhouse look rather than the casual, country feel with distressed furniture and chipped paint that was popular in years past.”

Transition your home on the range décor into refined fall style by adding deep colored plaids, primarily buffalo check, into your home décor.

fall style

  1. Plaid Table Runner – Blue & Yellow: $25
  2. Natural Cotton Flower: $28
  3. Decorative Birch Pillars: $26

Layered Textures

Continuing on the concept of comfort over minimalist, layering different types of textiles is on trend this fall. There are no rules with clashing colors, patterns and textures, as it’s currently being used to create a homey, eclectic vibe in fall décor.

“Fall will be all about layered textures,” added McRae. “Chunky woven wools, luxurious velvets and tufted textiles create a warm and cozy feel that people crave in cooler months.

McRae suggested incorporating this trend in your home by adding a wool throw blanket to your sofa or at the end of your bed.

Summer metals like silver and rose gold melt into warmer tones like gold and brass this fall, primarily used in accent lighting fixtures and kitchen hardware. Natural, earthy materials, like wood and concrete, are used to compliment fall metals, adding an organic texture to home décor.

The popularity of wallpaper reemerged early this summer, bringing with it a new way to add personal touches to your home and compliment your home décor. For a less-permanent option, try using removable wallpaper so it’s easy to swap out as your style evolves.

Moving away from clean lines and monochromatic home furniture and décor can be nerve-racking – especially for those who identify as midcentury and minimalist. However, if you’re looking to adopt this layered texture trend in your fall home décor, start small by swapping out a few, low-key textiles, like rugs, throws and small decorative pieces.

fall style

  1. Velvet Accent Chairs – Pewter: $308
  2. Chunky Knit Wool Throw: $530
  3. Textured Gold Vase: $20

Intimate Living Spaces

This season, homes are moving away from open concept floor plans to living spaces with separation. Since fall is focused on warmth and comfort, consider emulating these feelings in the layout and structure of your home.

“Following the soft and warm aesthetic, people are moving away from a totally open concept and going back to living spaces with separation,” said Stone. “Kitchens with breakfast nooks, cozy living rooms and dining rooms for family gatherings are all gaining popularity for the homey, intimate feeling they create.”

One way homeowners are adding separation in their home is a simple home renovation: sliding interior doors. Sliding doors take up less space and create a seamless separation between rooms. They’re also extremely stylish and on-trend this fall.

If renovation isn’t in your budget, there’s a renovation-free method of creating more intimate living spaces. By strategically moving your furniture, you can create separation between the rooms in your home.

Rearranging your furniture is an easy and cost-effective way of giving your space new life. You might need to make a few adjustments along the way, but when you finally get your furniture where you want it, you can create a new space.

Additionally, accent rugs can unify your home décor in a room and signal a separation from room to room. You can also purchase a room divider, a less expensive alternative to sliding doors.

fall style

  1. Sliding Barn Door – Knight: $500
  2. Room Divider: $84
  3. Rug – Neutral: $68 – $1,630

This year’s fall is all about embracing comfort and intimacy over open air and minimalist living spaces. How do you plan on incorporating 2018 fall trends into your home? Let us know, in the comments below!

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