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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

Are you aware of the exclusive benefits you get as a valued Quicken Loans client? As a thank you for choosing us for your current and future home loan needs, Quicken Loans clients receive a Gold Card after closing, along with Silver Cards to pass on to family and friends*.

So what exactly are these Gold and Silver Cards good for?

The Gold Card

The Quicken Loans Gold Card is good for up to $1,000 off your next purchase loan with Quicken Loans*. So if you’re looking to buy an investment property, a vacation home or your next dream home, this benefit could save you a TON on closing costs. Not ready to purchase in the near future? No problem! The Gold Card is good for up to eight years.

The Silver Card

The Quicken Loans Silver Card is for you to pass on to your family and friends. It’s good for up to $750 off their next purchase or refinance with Quicken Loans**, and because we don’t want to make you choose between your mom and your best friend, you’ll get four to share – and more when you run out!


How do I get my Gold and Silver Cards?

Simple – after you close with us, we’ll send you your Gold and Silver Cards in the mail, as well as an email with your Gold and Silver Card codes.
You can also find your Gold and Silver Card codes anytime on MyQL.com, under Benefits & Referrals.

How do I redeem my Gold Card?

If you’re interested in a new purchase loan, you can redeem your Gold Card by calling (888) 500-1355 to speak with one of our Home Loan Experts.

Do you have additional questions? Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. We’ve had Quicken Loans for a long time and love it! After we bought our current home in 2018, we received a gold card and several silver cards, but I no longer have them. Is there any way to get another silver card for a family member who is interested in refinancing?

    1. Hey Emma,

      Give one of Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 500-1355. They will be able to answer any questions you have about getting new cards.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Jonathan:

      We have different marketing offers we’re always putting out.. I’m going to get this to our client relations team to speak with you.

  2. I closed a loan with Quicken Loans and they sent me a $750 off card and a $1000 off card for me to use in my next loan. I have the $750 card, but have not located the $1000 card. I have a mortgage with Quicken now…and need new one for investment property. please advise me my Gold Card Number. l0an # Thanks

  3. I am currently doing a mortgage loan though Quicken, closing set of 2 Feb 2018. My brother did a refinance with Quicken Loans in Oct 2017 and he referred me. He talked to a rep about the referral and was told that I should have got a code, which I never did see. Your site says to check with the benefit and referral, it does not exist in my Quicken Loans web site. So how do I get the code so my brother can collect on the referral that is advertised on your site.

    1. Hi Chuck:

      I want to make sure there wasn’t any miscommunication here. It’s illegal for us to pay clients for referrals. When your brother refers you, you get a deal on your closing costs. That said, I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to make sure you’re getting what you are entitled to in terms of discounts as a referral.


  4. I too am curious about getting “replacement” cards. We refinanced in February and received the cards but they’re long gone. Our friends are planning to refinance and we are planning to buy…any suggestions??

    1. Hi Abigail:

      I’m glad to hear you’re impressed enough with us to make referrals to your friends. I’m going to pass this along and we should be able to help you out with either replacement cards or next steps.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Kristen:

      All of our clients get a gold card for $1,000 off their next purchase that’s good for eight years. Your friends get $750 toward their next purchase or refi. Unfortunately, by law, we are not allowed to give you anything specifically for referring people to us. It stinks, but it’s the truth.

      Kevin Graham

  5. I have to thank everyone I’ve had the pleasure to deal with @ quicken loans. I was concerned about how a refinancing mortgage would go, especially with a company on the Internet, but it as well as monthly when I make my payments I’m reminded of what a great decision it was. Thank you everyone there, seasons greetings, and I wish you all a great 2016.

  6. Hey guys, We had received a gold card after our refi in 2010. Well, a small card like that has gotten displaced in 5 years. We will be purchasing a new home soon. I cannot access the Referrals & benefits link to check for the code, I cannot find it when I log into MyQL. Can we get a replacement number or assistance with this? our current loan is through you guys, and our new one could be with you again. Thanks!

    1. Hi Thomas! No, unfortunately the gold card was for a purchase loan not a refinance. Thanks for reaching out, if you have any other questions please let me know.

  7. I also gave someone a card for a $750 discount on closing costs, but they misplaced it and didn’t say anything, is there anyway we can do anything about that now. I was highly recommending Quicken given we are on I think our 6th loan with you. Love Quicken!!!!

    1. Hi Carl!

      Quicken Loans® only provides mortgages so we do not provide home improvement loans. We’ll be here if you’re in the market for a mortgage!

      Have a great day!

  8. I referred someone to Quicken who did close a loan with you but I forgot to offer her the Silver Card. Is there anything that can be done about that now? Her name is Rosalie Whelton from Peabody, MA.

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