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People often find themselves under the impression that companies do not hire during the holidays, or are only hiring for seasonal positions. If you are a recent college graduate or someone looking to switch careers, December might be the best time to start applying for jobs.

Patti Zajdel, vice president of recruiting at Quicken Loans, has some helpful tips for landing a job during the holiday season.

Don’t Stop Searching

Putting your job search on hold during the holidays is common. Because many people have this mindset in December, continuing your search could lessen your competition and improve your chances of getting that offer letter. Many companies hire during the holidays, so when the new year comes around they have their candidates to fill the open, full-time positions. You need to be patient through the process, though. Many people – especially decision-makers – use vacation time during the holidays, so the hiring process might be slower than usual.

Stand Out

You can start by building a unique resume. Before you send your resume, make sure you tailor your skills to the position you are applying for. Resume writing is very important, here are some tips on how to make your resume stand out! According to Monster, responding directly to the job description helps recruiters look for resumes that match all requirements. You also want to talk about your accomplishments instead of listing what your responsibilities were.


Networking is a great way to get noticed. According to a survey done by The Adler Group, 85% of jobs in 2015 and 2016 were filled by networking with the company. LinkedIn is a great tool to use and it allows you to not only network with the company, but with employees within the company. Not only is it a great place to look for jobs, but many hiring managers post job openings only to LinkedIn. Although online networking is useful, nothing beats face-to-face networking. Lucky for you, December is a big time for company holiday events. These events are a great place to network with potential employers.

You can also try reaching out to friends, family members or old classmates. Having a job referral is a great way to get that initial interview, whether that is in-person or over the phone.

Be Proactive

By being proactive for the upcoming year, you show your commitment to start a new career. If the company you are applying for only has seasonal positions open, show up at their door with a printed application and resume, even if you applied online. By doing this, you are showing them your eagerness. Be clear from the start that you are open for seasonal work, but are looking for a long-term career.

Seasonal Work

According to information found at the website, ManpowerGroup Solutions, seasonal holiday positions can have many benefits. You might not be looking for seasonal work, but bear with me. The first benefit of having a seasonal position is putting extra cash in your pocket. These positions can be great for students during their holiday break, but it is also an opportunity for someone working a part-time job.

In some cases, seasonal employees are paid more than a full-time employee during the holiday season. Seasonal work is also a great way to “test” the employer out for possible long-term employment. You can get a great idea of what the job is like, its responsibilities and how they will treat you in the future.

Advice from the experts

Zadjel reminds applicants to be on their A-game. Get to know the organization that you are applying for. Understand their goals, successes, challenges, competitors and be prepared to intelligently discuss all of them.

Narrowing your search to the companies you can see yourself with and positions you have a passion for, will not only help utilize the company’s time, but yours as well. Making sure that your resume is geared towards the position you are applying for will also greater your chances of getting the job. Other tips include:

  • Be unique, confident and different
  • Always be on the lookout for new roles
  • Know yourself, your strengths and areas of opportunity – have the ability to articulate it in a positive way
  • Look into companies that inspire you
  • Don’t settle and don’t get discouraged

Check out Quicken Loans career page for our current job and internship openings!

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