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ItalyItaly has long been known for its style, whether it be automobiles such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, exotic motorcycles such as Ducati and Moto Guzzi, lighting by Artemide or clothing by Armani and Versace. But Italian design isn’t limited to the garage or the clothes closet. It also inhabits the kitchen, as we see in products from companies like Alessi, Fratelli Guzzini and Bugatti.

The Zing team has an eye for Italian style, too. And after perusing kitchenware from a number of different Italian design houses, we came up with a short list of our favorites. Some are based on usefulness, but others are just darn fun to look at: a nutcracker that looks like a squirrel; a chrome espresso maker that looks like a fancy factory machine; utensils that look like people. And we want ‘em all – as the Italians would say – “Subito!”

Diva Espresso Machine
Diva Evolution

There are espresso machines and there are espresso machines. Many of them will make you a cup of delicious Italian espresso with the touch of a button. But the Diva Evolution by designer Andreas Seegatz for Bugatti is as eye-catching as it is functional. Diva Evolution makes espresso, cappuccino, lattes and even tea to tickle your taste buds while dazzling your eyes with its unique design.

Scoiattolo Scoiattolo

You’d have to be nuts to not like the Scoiattolo, a squirrel-shaped nutcracker designed by Andrea Branzi for Alessi. Branzi utilizes elongated forms and simple materials such as steel and pear wood. This designer’s works can easily be recognized, as also seen in the wooden toothpick holder. Branzi loves to work in wood because it can create “objects with which we can establish relationships, not just of use and functionality but also of a psychological, symbolic and poetic nature.”

Vita JuicerVita

Some folks like juice from frozen concentrate and some like it fresh from a carton. The fashion-conscious Italians get hand-squeezed juice from the Vita juicer, designed by Innocenzo Rifino and Lorenzo Ruggieri for Bugatti. Colorful and stylish, the Vita allows you to squeeze the juice by hand and tip the unit sideways to pour the contents directly into your glass – all with a generous helping of class.

Gym CollectionGym

Here’s a great reminder to stay healthy in the kitchen: Gym, the three-piece kitchen accessory set designed by Teseo Berghella for Bugatti. Looking like they’re in mid-workout are a colorful peeler, bottle opener and pizza cutter. Pure kitchen counter cuteness from the boot-shaped peninsula.

Latina Spice Rack Latina

The Latina revolving spice rack from Fratelli Guzzini delivers color and practicality. Delightfully styled, each jar has a pouring lid designed to preserve the contents. There are five different jars to spice up your cooking.


Count on designer Teseo Berghella to come up with fun stuff for the kitchen. The Vulcano is a stylish stove-top coffee maker with a distinctive red flame on top. It is available in different sizes from Bugatti.

Are you into stylish kitchen gadgets? Have a favorite designer or country of origin? Send us a pic!

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