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I began looking into Quicken Loans shortly after I moved back to Detroit from London, England. While I had been away from Detroit for close to three years, I knew the city was beginning to come back to life and Quicken Loans was at the forefront of its revitalization.

After studying at the London School of Economics, I thought I would find a career in economics or finance. After applying to several jobs and sitting through interviews, I decided I no longer wanted to work with just numbers. I didn’t know what I wanted my career to look like anymore, so I had to start back to square one and figure out a Plan B.

Why Quicken Loans?

One of the companies I interviewed with was Quicken Loans and it was for a Data Analyst position. I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason, so when the position at Quicken Loans didn’t pan out, I didn’t get discouraged, although I did move on because there wasn’t another position on their website that interested me.

About a week after my Quicken Loans interview, I received a phone call from my recruiter asking if I’d be interested in an internship with the Marketing team. I told her yes, but I really thought, “Not really, unless there was an amazing opportunity.” I’m typically not a closed-off person, but after studying economics for so long, I didn’t want to be another one of those people who didn’t end up using their major, particularly a major they really enjoyed.

The recruiter came to me with a position I couldn’t turn down: an internship with the Quicken Loans Zing Blog. Wait. An economics major interning with a blog on the Marketing team? You may be wondering why I would ever accept that.

When we had our initial interview, I told my recruiter about the finance, economics and accounting classes I took, my internship in banking and my time as a finance officer in my sorority. I briefly mentioned I kept a blog while I lived overseas, where I wrote about the cities I traveled to and the lessons I’d learned along the way. I’ve always loved to write, but frankly, I never thought I could find a lucrative career in it. That was part of the reason I studied economics instead of creative writing.

She did something no other recruiter really did for me. She listened to everything I said, not just the applicable work experience I had or the courses I took. She took into consideration the events in my life that didn’t happen in school. She listened to my interests and the areas of my life that couldn’t be put on a resume.  Instead of recommending a position in Capital Markets or not following up after the last position didn’t work out, she looked for the perfect fit, not just any fit.

I interviewed with the Zing Blog and was given the opportunity to write for them. I’ve been able to write about travel, finance, money, mortgage and lifestyle. I get to research and learn about a wide range of topics every day. I get to be part of the Social Media team, where innovation and change are everywhere. I’m getting paid to do some of the things I love the most: write about finance and money.

My internship is ending soon and while I’m sad to close this chapter, I get to start a new one with QLCredit. I’ll be working full-time as a Copywriter while also contributing to the Zing Blog.

Why Detroit?

I considered doing what my high school friends did and move to New York City or D.C. I also considered doing what my university friends did, which was stay in London. I chose to come back to Detroit because I believe this city’s best days are still ahead, and I know I can be a part of it.

I get to work and live here because of Quicken Loans. The company, my team members and my work proved to me that I made the right choice of moving back home. I love working in downtown Detroit, across the street from the building my dad had his first job in 50 years ago and getting to know a vibrant, energetic city that many people counted out years ago.

I had long given up the idea of writing as a career, and writing about finance is truly a dream come true. I’m thankful I’ve found a company and a job that gives me great joy. I’m thankful I can do it in a city that means a lot to me.

I miss London, the friends I met there and the friends I have who left Detroit for other cities. Sometimes they question my choice to come back. But I don’t, at least not anymore. Because when the history of Detroit is being written, I want to be a part of it. And thanks to Quicken Loans, I can be.

Do you want to come and join a winning team in a great city? Check out Quicken Loans Careers for a list of available job postings.

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