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Angelica CabunocHello, world.

My name is Angelica Cabunoc and I’m an incoming second-year Information Management graduate student at Syracuse University. I hail from the great state of California and have lived in cities like Hong Kong, Manila, Philadelphia and Manhattan. This summer, I had the opportunity to move to Detroit to be a Talent Strategist intern for Quicken Loans.

When I started my internship search back in January, I was on a mission to find a position that catered to my passions – human resources and technology. I also wanted to take an internship from a well-known, reputable company because I was looking for career growth and stability. Lastly, I wanted to work and live in a city or state I had never stepped foot in. When I received the verbal offer, I immediately accepted it with arms wide open and haven’t looked back.

Angelica CabunocNow, six weeks in to my internship, I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was when I first stepped in the One Campus Martius Building. I had expectations for my experience, but they’ve been exceeded in many ways. From the beginning, I’ve been challenged and continue to learn and grow each day. I have substantial responsibilities on the recruiting team and have learned a lot about the process of sourcing and recruiting the best candidates from all over the nation. My main duties include sifting through hundreds of resumes to find applicants who are a perfect fit, connecting and networking with job seekers and researching universities with whom we can build relationships. My leader has also motivated and encouraged me to shadow other aspects of the business, so I’ve gained useful tips and knowledge from both the technology and marketing teams. My days at Quicken Loans are filled with exciting work, new lessons and unforgettable memories.

Angelica CabunocBesides working with the recruiting team, I have had the experience to volunteer for several non-profit organizations around the Detroit area. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Belle Isle to interact with local elementary students and accompany them around the island. It was an exhausting day, but I learned the responsibilities of taking care of a six-year-old running around the playground and exploring the museum and conservatory. It made me realize how amazing it feels to be young again and to discover new surroundings and ideas. This opportunity also brought me closer to my fellow interns as I spent the day telling them about my internship, academics and everything in between.

I look forward to seeing what the next five weeks of this internship have in store for me. I’m confident they’ll be experiences that will help me grow in to a better version of myself. Quicken Loans hasn’t failed to bring out the best in me, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

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