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Actual Quicken Loans interns

Actual Quicken Loans interns in their natural habitat (Stephanie, Sheridan and Manal).

Hello Readers,

I am happy to welcome you to a new series on the Zing Blog, Intern Alley.

We want to give you a more personal look behind the scenes at Quicken Loans, and who better to describe the experience than people who are going through it for the first time?

My fellow interns and I will be posting articles here that take you along on all of our new experiences working here at Quicken Loans in Detroit.  Since we’re all doing different things here, our articles will be on a variety of topics. But all the posts will deal in some way with our latest adventure – working downtown at Quicken Loans.

I hope you enjoy getting a closer look at the people who are behind the company, and we look forward to sharing a little more about ourselves with you. Make sure you check back here for the updates a few times a week!

Until next time,

Jake Marmul

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  1. As Mark Twain used to say ‘Few things are harder to tolerate than the annoyance of a good example.’

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