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An Inside Look at One of Engadget’s Best Apps for House Hunters - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

A few months ago, the popular technology website Engadget named Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator as one of the six apps that every home hunter needs to download.

With this smart app, you can safely navigate past the temptation to overspend when selecting your future home.

According to information found on the website,“Quicken Loans offers an app for a mortgage calculator that can help you quickly and easily check out a home’s estimated mortgage while you’re out house hunting.”

Four Ways to Calculate

The Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator app offers four calculators with user-friendly interfaces that make crunching your numbers easier than ever. Inside the app you can choose between the following calculator options:

  • Purchase Calculator: Get your monthly mortgage payment estimate.
  • Refinance Calculator: Discover what your monthly payment might be if you refinanced your mortgage.
  • Home Affordability Calculator: Find out how much you can afford to pay for a new home.
  • Amortization Calculator: Determine your loan’s total price and the amount you could save through extra payments.

With this app, mortgage numbers are made simple — just pick your calculator type and punch in the numbers! With the Home Affordability Calculator, you can reference your calculations in seconds to determine which houses are possible with your budget.

Reliable Information

“Even if you’ve looked into the estimated mortgage on a site like Zillow or Trulia ahead of time, it will be in your best interest to check again since estimates on home shopping sites are often inaccurate,” Engadget advises.

With the Mortgage Calculator app, you can confidently shop for a home or refinance without worrying about whether you can afford your options. Keep house-hunting drama at bay and download the Mortgage Calculator app today. Download the app on the Apple Store or get it on Google Play!

Ready to Rocket?

Have you calculated your mortgage yet? Once you know how much home you can afford, make that mortgage estimate a reality with Rocket Mortgage® by Quicken Loans®. Get preapproved online in minutes and start taking steps towards homeownership today!

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