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Have you ever wondered what the priciest homes in the country look like and cost? What does a cool $100 million or more get you? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Check out this pretty cool infographic that features some of the most expensive and beautiful homes in our great country.

How about the Copper Beach Farm, in Greenwich, CT? For a mere $190 million, you could enjoy a stately mansion with 12 bedrooms, nine baths, a full mile of Atlantic shoreline (including two private islands, just in case you want to get away), and a 75-foot heated pool.

Or, if you prefer city life, spend just $100 million and you can enjoy life at the City Spire Penthouse in New York City. Considered by many to be NYC’s most exclusive abode, the City Spire Penthouse comes with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a private elevator, one of NYC’s highest terraces and a wine cellar that can hold 1,000 bottles. That’s a lot of wine. According to the City Spire Penthouse website, this residence, designed by architect Helmut Jan, takes up 8,000 square feet plus 3,000 square feet of exterior grounds, and comes with a 24-hour doorman.

If the hustle and bustle of city life is not your cup of tea, you could spend your time at the stunning Tranquility, in Lake Tahoe, NV. For a mere $75 million, you can spend your leisure time at your own horse stable or in your private theater. Speaking of private, how about a personal lake and boathouse?  Did I mention that it has nine bedrooms and 14 baths? Why would anyone need more bathrooms than bedrooms? Anyway, it also has a few par-three, over-the-water golf holes.

Money can’t buy you love and happiness, but it sure can buy you a nice piece of property. You can learn more about America’s most expensive homes and properties below. Let us know what you think. If you could afford a place like this, would you buy it? Big thanks to Lisa at Utopia Management for sending this over to us.


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