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The Impact of a Great Company - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

A team, a community, and above all, a great company – that is Quicken Loans. A little over a year ago, I read “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. It looked at why people invest time, money and effort on certain things. The different case studies outlined in the book all made sense, but I never had the chance to experience the “why” firsthand, or at least never before I joined Quicken Loans. The book discussed how a great company is one that focuses on the “why” first, then the “how,” and that is exactly what Quicken Loans does. After hearing our own Detroit ambassador, Bruce Schwartz, speak so passionately about what the company does for the city of Detroit, and how many projects undertaken are for the communities within Detroit and the kids growing up here, I started to understand the “why” behind this company. And the “how,” in my perspective, is my internship experience.

Before joining the team, I thought of Quicken Loans as an average mortgage company similar to a bank or any other financial organization. Even when setting up my interview, I still had the perception that this company was no different from any other in the industry. What helped me shift that perception was the engagement that the Recruiting team had during the interview process. When I kept hearing the way each person I interacted with spoke of Quicken Loans, I thought that if these people had so much good to say about the company, then there really must be something good about it, and I had to see it for myself.

I attended Jump Start (part of the orientation program) on my first day. This was an entire day dedicated to acclimating new hires, and it fostered the idea that this is no ordinary company. Throughout the day, I was able to see the passion that each presenter displayed about working for this company, and that kind of excitement was too genuine to be faked. Even during the tour, I was able to see what this company does for its team members. The office space is filled with colorful walls, a basketball court, pingpong tables, scooters and much more. Why would a company do this? Because it wants people to achieve something greater than themselves, while having fun doing it.

Joining the Marketing team here has been an outstanding experience so far. The company as a whole stresses the idea of communication. And not just that communication is key within the company, but that openness to wanting to hear ideas from new hires (even interns) is what makes this company great. The amount of value placed on each individual really makes you feel more than just a body delivering work for the benefit of the company. You feel that the work you’re doing impacts not just the company, but also the city and its communities. Quicken Loans really believes the mantra “if you take care of your team members, they will take care of your clients.” Coming from a retail background, I believed that all companies operated alike and that they all cared about the bottom line…revenue. But when my team leader gets our whole team together and speaks to us like equals, it makes me feel that my contribution truly affects this company. My contribution helps the company to revitalize a city that declared bankruptcy. As this company reaches out to communities to lend a helping hand, it’s building something for the benefit of future generations.

This experience has been more than just adding something to my resume to benefit myself. Growing up in Abu Dhabi in the late 90s, I remember the tallest structure there being no more than two stories high. Seeing it become one of the wealthiest, fastest-developing cities in the world was an amazing upbringing. Seeing what Quicken Loans does for the city of Detroit is giving me that same experience. And to be part of a team that contributes to that development and growth just makes this experience that much more amazing.

I plan on pursuing my career with this company and to continue to grow as an individual with them. The internship program at Quicken Loans gives you the opportunity to learn from different teams within the company so that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one particular thing. And that is definitely an experience I believe anyone can benefit from, even if it’s for just a couple of months.

For more information on internships, visit QuickenLoansCareers.com.

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