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The following is from Contractor Connection, a national leader in providing trustworthy, top-quality professionals for your home improvement or repair project. Recently named No. 1 in contractor emergency services according to a leading customer satisfaction study, Contractor Connection is a subject matter expert when it comes to properly winterizing your home.

With the recent barrage of severe winter storms, you might be thinking, “How can I winterize my home so I can avoid damage?” Unfortunately, it’s not easy to devise a fool-proof plan, but if you’re prepared, your chances of surviving the rough elements will be better.

Here are five important tips to help you weather the storm and make an action plan in case your home is affected:

  • Make sure your home is properly insulated. Check the insulation in your walls and attics and ensure the caulking and weather-stripping on your doors and windows is at full strength. It is also helpful to install storm windows or to cover windows with plastic.
  • Have your rain gutters cleared and remove any overhanging tree branches that might fall on your house during a storm. Have a vetted contractor with proper licensing and insurance check the structural stability of the roof and its ability to sustain heavy weight from snow or water and repair any existing leaks.

  • Prevent your pipes from freezing with proper insulation. You can wrap your pipes in newspaper and plastic and allow faucets to drip. In case a pipe does burst, shut off your water valves.
  • Have your heating system and chimney inspected annually. Have any fuel-burning equipment in your home vented to the outside, and have fire extinguishers in a readily available location.
  • Contact a contractor to make emergency repairs. If your home has any damage such as flooding, a roof leak or collapse, or any other structural repairs, immediately contact an experienced, licensed and insured contractor to make emergency repairs. Make sure your family knows your emergency plan and seeks temporary shelter.

Living in an area that endures harsh winter conditions is never easy, but if you prepare yourself by having a plan and sticking to it, you can protect your home. And if your home is damaged, you can use tools like Contractor Connection to find the right contractor for your repairs.

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