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How to Ease the Post-Vacation Transition - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWe’ve all been through it. About halfway through a much-needed vacation, that awful nagging feeling starts to sneak up on us. It’s like the Sunday blues times a hundred, and it can ruin the end of any excursion. It’s the back-to-work blues.

The holidays are the perfect time to take a trip, but as much as we love getting away, it can be murder getting back into the swing of things.

Try these simple tips to make your first day back to the office a little easier and a bit more pleasant.

Time to Unpack

It’s tempting to leave your overstuffed luggage lying around for a few extra days (perhaps even weeks), but resist the temptation. Unpack as soon as you get home. It’s one less thing to do during your hectic first week back, and it will help you shift back into work mode. Plus, you won’t have the constant reminder your vacation is over and a thing of the past.

Back-to-Work Buffer

Take an extra day or two off at the end of your vacation to settle back in and take care of things at home. You can do laundry, finish up some chores and restock the fridge for the upcoming week. Sometimes knowing you have an extra couple of days off before heading back to work can make the transition less stressful.

Sleep It Off

Allow yourself to sleep in the day before you go back to work. Vacations can be fun, but they can be exhausting, too. Take some extra time to bounce back physically before you head back to work. Did you travel to a different time zone? A difference of even two hours can affect your sleep pattern. Keep in mind that you might need some extra time to get your internal clock back on track.

Take Some Time Out

Allow yourself some extra time once you get back to the office to get back into work mode. If you can push off meetings to the day after you get back – do it. If you know your schedule is jam packed, go in an hour or two early to look over emails and get your inbox under control. If you can’t go in early, keep your backup on a little longer to buy some time. Just be sure to build in some extra time to set yourself up for your first week back.

Something to Look Forward To

Plan some time out with close friends for the weekend after you get back. Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the period of anticipation leading up to it; hold on to that by planning something fun to look forward to in order to get you through your workweek.

No matter what strategy you choose, taking some extra time for yourself will make getting back to work after a vacation that much easier.

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