From HGTV to TLC, home renovators are introducing more and more ways to decorate your house with frugality and creativity. From promoting reclaimed artwork to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, the hottest new trend in home décor is: pictures.

Whether you’re living in a college dorm or settling into your first home, pictures are an inexpensive and simple way to personalize any living space. From fancy framing to picture-hanging, your space should express your innermost interests, while representing the journey into your new lifestyle.

Here are some quick and easy tips to liven up any living space with photographs.

String Theory

pictures and string -


Move aside modern coffee tables and cookie-cutter picture frames – Polaroid and Kodak pictures are making a comeback! These printed pictures easily create a vintage vibe in the room, while the twine-rope gives a rustic, DIY appearance.

The twine is mounted to the wall by nails. If you prefer a less permanent location, push pins are just as safe and secure. The pictures are then attached to the twine.

If you want a country-chic feel you can post your pics with clothespins. Additionally, binder clips exude a more industrial, minimalist vibe.

Geometric string art with photos


While this straight across design gives a simplistic, “Home on the Range” look, the geometric designs below are a more minimalistic, modern design.

By changing the look of the string, for example, using wire and binder clips instead of twine and clothes pins, the room shifts from country-chic into a 21st century, industrial vibe.

christmas lights pictures -


My personal favorite is utilizing your Christmas lights to hang pictures. The piece is multifunctional for any living space: serving as both a light source, and a photo display. This option illuminates your space with a warm glow. The bright side (no pun intended) is that you can keep your Christmas lights up, all year ‘round!

Branch Out

We all have a family tree, and some have done those family history searches online, but have you thought about putting it on your walls?

family tree


By painting a tree on your wall, and posting framed pictures to the branches, you combine sentimental memories with a DIY conversation piece, and create a giant family photo album that can grow (pun intended) for generations to come. What better way to teach your children about their heritage or introduce guests to your home?

This design is not limited by artistic talent! Even this abstract tree accurately encapsulates the message of home and history.

Not handy with a paint brush? No problem! Check out these tree wall decals from Fathead.

tree wall decal

Image: Fathead

Whether you have an expansive family tree or a smaller, close-knit unit, Fathead has designs for you! They come in various colors to coincide with the colors of your home. The best part about utilizing a Fathead is its mobility. The easy-peel design allows you to move the tree anywhere you please.

You’ve Been Framed

No matter your creative capabilities, this next option is quick and easy, yet turns a blank canvas into an accent wall.

For a more modern piece, skip the frame and post the picture straight to your wall. Then, freehand a box design around the pictures, imitating a frame. The less geometric the frame, the more genuine and unique the design.

drawn frames


If you want cleaner, more precise lines, try taping the frame around the picture with washi tape. This option is also more cost-efficient with less commitment, as you can remove the pictures and tape at any time.

washi tape wall frames


What’s Your Style?

No matter your walk in life or the amount of space available to you, decorating with photographs is a quick and easy way to make any room sentimental. There is no limitation to the amount of creativity these options offer.

What’s your favorite idea? Comment below on the design that works for your space and taste!

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