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What does your house remind people of?

I remember people’s houses for different reasons. As a youth, my neighbor Eddie’s house always reminded me of Polish food. That house had the most fragrant European aromas: kielbasa, golabki, pierogi and placki. My uncle John made wine – Italian Chianti and Pinot Grigio – in his house, and we enjoyed generous samples on every visit. I associate his house with those big barrels of homemade wine and the good times we had enjoying it.

If you want people to associate your home with great memories of good times, here’s another way: Consider hosting a house concert. House concerts are becoming a popular way to showcase people’s favorite musical artists in an up-close-and-personal setting. Find an artist you like and inquire as to whether they’d be interested in performing in your home for an estimated number of your friends and family. Each guest “donates” $10–$20 to the artist, as the host is not allowed to profit off such affairs. Guests may also be encouraged to bring a dish to pass or a bottle or two of wine, beer or cocktails. Or if an artist is in town for a concert, you may check with the management as to whether he or she would like to earn some extra money while in town by performing at your house concert before or after the larger formal performance.

There’s a wonderful website that can assist you in hosting, attending or performing at a house concert near you. Visit Concerts In Your Home for all the information you’ll need. There are lists of folks who host concerts regularly; contact them so you know what to expect when you host your own. There’s also a list of artists who want to perform at house concerts. This informative website basically covers the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of house concerts.

Host a house concert and see how fast your home gains value – emotional value. Not just a place where people live, your house can become a rich memory of musical good times with artists, friends and family.

Have you ever hosted a concert at your house? Share your experience with other Zing readers!


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