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With our society constantly increasing the importance and integration of technology in our modern lives, it is necessary that every family remains vigilant to protect the people and assets that matter most. But, technology is not just a threat. Technology can be used to your advantage, and may prove to be an essential in ensuring a safe home and family. If you have assumed the role of protector in your family, read the following tips about how to keep yourself, your family and the things that are important to you safe.

Your Identity

Online and mobile accessibility to all of your important emails, networks, financials and more is one of the great conveniences of modern technology. Smartphones and tablets have helped us access all of our information from anywhere, freeing up valuable personal time. However, convenience can come with some caveats.

IdentityTheft.info reports that in the United States nearly 15 million people are victims of identity theft every year. With banking, bill paying and personal information so easily accessible online, taking the proper precautions to avoid identity theft is a must. Make sure to be wary of Internet scams demanding personal information, and always report missing credit cards and IDs as soon as possible. According to the FTC, you should keep passwords private, take only the cards you need with you and limit what you share on social networking sites. Taking these precautions will limit the exposure your personal information has with the outside world, keeping it safe and sound.

Your Family

Cell phones have quickly become a necessity for nearly every American. As Pew Research reports, nearly 91 percent of people own a mobile device. While they can be expensive and act as a distraction, cell phones and tablets can be used to your advantage when looking out for the well being of all of your kin. Many smartphones offer GPS applications, which can help you keep tabs on your family at all times. Whether you have a new teen driver, a young one walking home from school or a child late for curfew, you can be rest assured that apps like Snap Secure can keep you up to date on everything that counts.

The Internet is an important tool in the educational and social lives of teens, tweens and children of all ages. However, Internet Safety 101 reports that 65 percent of online predators use social media sites to gain information about their victims. Make sure that your child is acting in a safe and responsible manner while online. Programs like Norton Family and Piggyback offer a way to monitor and track your child’s online activity. You can set time limits on specific site use, view profiles and track unloaded photos to ensure that your family is being safe online.

Your Self-Esteem

Social media can be a great way for kids, teens and adults to stay connected with friends, family and professionals. Through social media you can meet and interact with new friends or catch up with long-lost relatives. But, all of this interaction is not always positive. Cyberbullying has become a prevalent problem for children and teens—but cyberbullying can happen to anyone. NetSmartz defines cyberbullying as bullying through Internet apps and technology such as IMs, social media and cell phones. Rumors, photos, videos and messages are easily spread through the Internet. They suggest that you do not respond to any messages and be sure to save any evidence. You can also block any bullies on social media or delete your account if necessary. Most of all they suggest that parents talk to their kids about and cyberbullying because this will help them practice safe and respectful behavior online.

Use these tips to act like the superhero your family already believes you are and keep safety a priority in your personal kingdom.


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