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One of the most common reasons people stop going to the gym is time. There just never seems to be enough of it. Between work, family, friends and all the other things there are to do on any given day, keeping up with your gym schedule can fall low on the list of priorities. But that’s why at home workouts have become so popular.

Being able to stay in shape from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in your own time helps you cut the excuses and make your fitness a priority again.

I talked with four home fitness experts, all of whom have helped thousands of people through their home fitness programs, to see what they have to say about at home fitness.

The Balanced Life – The Sisterhood

Home Fitness Programs to Help You Cut the Excuses - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: The Balanced Life Facebook


Sorry gentlemen, this program is ladies only.

Two years ago, Robin Long was working as a Pilates instructor, and she’d always encourage her clients to continue their Pilates at home so they’d get the most out of their workouts, but many didn’t even know how to start doing that.

After she had her first child, Long realized she was struggling to find time for her own workouts! That’s when she knew getting to the gym or a studio just wasn’t going to be an option, and that many women were in the same predicament.

“Busy women need quick, effective and enjoyable workouts that can be done without having to add a commute and an extra shower – so The Balanced Life was born,” says Long.

The Balanced Life is a Pilates- and barre-based at-home workout program.

People loved The Balanced Life workouts, but they wanted more direction and structure, so Long developed The Sisterhood. With The Sisterhood, members get a monthly workout calendar, which has assigned workouts Monday-Friday (three workouts are 10-15 minutes and two are 30-40 minutes) as well as access to The Balanced Life – The Sisterhood Facebook page.

The Facebook page allows Sisterhood members to cheer each other on, raise questions and share ideas. Community and accountability play a big role in The Sisterhood program.

“Trying to make changes without help and support is an uphill battle. When you add an element of community, you automatically feel supported and motivated. Plus it’s fun,” Long says.

The Balanced Life – The Sisterhood is designed for every fitness level. Whether you’re a Pilates instructor yourself or a first timer, you can do this program. So if you want a program that leaves you stronger, more confident and comes with a built-in community, this is the one for you!


Home Fitness Programs to Help You Cut the Excuses - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: iBodyFit.com


Franklin Antoian is one of Shape Magazine’s Top 50 Trainers in America and the founder of iBodyFit.com.

Since launching in 2006, iBodyFit has helped thousands of people get fit from the comfort of their own home, without needing expensive equipment. iBodyFit’s workouts are designed with the equipment you have – dumbbells, resistance bands or just your body weight.

There are three basic plans you can choose from. The Fat Burner Plan is a 4-week plan complete with daily fat burning workouts, a custom low fat/weight loss diet with a grocery list, and access to trainer support. If you want to focus on toning muscle, the Bundle Plan is more up your alley. It includes the Fat Burner workout plan as well as an 8-week Muscle Toner plan. Finally, there’s the Premium Plan, where you get the Fat Burner workouts, the Muscle Toner plan and a 12-week Beach Body Shredder plan.

Wondering what makes iBodyFit different from other home workout programs? You get personal access to Antoian’s 20-plus years of personal trainer experience.

“I’m the designer of all the workouts on iBodyFit and I answer most of the fitness questions that come in from our clients,” says Antoian.

For a total body workout and an expert trainer right at your fingertips, iBodyFit is the perfect choice!

Body By Simone

Home Fitness Programs to Help You Cut the Excuses - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Body By Simone Facebook


Since Simone De La Rue was three years old, she’s been dancing. When she was 18 years old, De La Rue began dancing in musical theater (debuting in the Australian company of Cats) and eventually found her way to Broadway.

Professional dancers often have injuries from the extensive learning, rehearsing and performance schedules. De La Rue was able to prevent injuries during her career by studying human anatomy and practicing Pilates and yoga. Using what she learned from those practices, she developed moves that safely build lean muscle and flexibility.

After she retired from performing, she began personal training and now she’s bringing her knowledge, experience and moves right to your home with her Body By Simone DVD package.

De La Rue says, “I wanted to find a fun, joyous way of working out that felt fun and not like a chore for people.”

The Body By Simone program combines cardio and conditioning with high intensity choreography that will help you gain strength, prevent injury and sculpt long, lean muscles.

While De La Rue’s program is designed for any fitness level, she recommends doing the workouts three to four times a week for beginners and 5-6 times a week for advanced.

Fit Pack

Home Fitness Programs to Help You Cut the Excuses - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Joel Harper Fitness Facebook


Joel Harper is a celebrity personal trainer who trains clients like Dr. Oz and Olympic gold medalists, and has been developing workouts for more than 18 years.

“I had numerous clients who wanted me to travel with them when they were on a movie set or going on tour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave my other clients behind, so I designed Fit Pack, so they could continue their training on the road,” says Harper.

The Fit Pack has workouts for three different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Harper recommends starting with the beginner level and moving on to the more advanced levels once you’ve mastered that one.

It’s also broken down into body parts so that you can exercise daily, but rotate your workouts.

Harper says, “You don’t wait until Saturday to brush your teeth. You do it everyday. The same with exercise. You want to do something every day, but you don’t want to work the same muscles back to back. You want to alternate it up, so that your muscles have time to repair themselves.”

The DVD set also includes a workout that allows you to stretch every muscle in your body. Stretching will reduce your post-workout soreness and keeps you more flexible and less likely to be injured.

“I am a big believer in incorporating stretching into every workout, because I see and experience firsthand the benefits of opening up and elongating the muscles immediately after they’ve been fatigued,” added Harper.

There are so many at-home workout options that you’re sure to find one perfect for your lifestyle, fitness level and goals. Have you tried any of the fitness programs we looked at today? Tell us about your experience or your favorite home workout program in the comment section!

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  1. I am looking forward to the help and the encouragement as I have been dieting for several months now and still have another ten to fifteen pounds to go. I do not have one of the fitbits or anything like that so it is just the walking as I have some very serious and limiting back problems.

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