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Sports Fans on Your Shopping List? Here Are Some Gift Ideas - Zing BlogLet’s face it, sometimes holiday gift shopping can be a pain. You think you know someone well enough, but the minute you need to buy them a gift, you draw a blank.

That’s OK. We’re here to help.

Guess what? People like sports. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least a passing interest in a sport or two. It’s like having an interest in music. Who doesn’t have at least one song they enjoy?

What’s my point? Well, if you’re having a hard time finding a gift for someone, try a sports-related gift. Chances are there’s something on this list that your gift target will be thrilled to open. And if they’re a bona fide sports fan, even better!

Ideas for the $15 Budget

Holiday Sports Gifts for Any Budget - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Team Logo Meat Brander

Few things taste better than a perfectly-cooked steak (unless you’re a vegan). But how about a perfectly-cooked steak with the logo of your favorite team seared into it?

Ticket Stub Diary

Everyone loves a good keepsake. This ticket stub diary is a great way to log all of the sporting events you’ve been able to see over the years. (Pssst! You can also use it for concerts and other events.)

Fathead Teammate

No rec room is complete without a high-resolution wall decal featuring your favorite sports star.

Team Logo Ornament

Trim your tree with this delightful little reminder of your favorite sports team.

An Autograph from Swimming Bronze Medalist Catherine Garceau

No sports memorabilia collection is complete without this piece of synchronized swimming history from the 2000 Summer Sydney Olympics!

Ideas for the $25 Budget

Holiday Sports Gifts for Any Budget - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary Gift Set

Even if he or she doesn’t really like sports, these gripping documentaries will leave any lucky recipient hanging on every word.

Football-Shaped Bottled Beverage Server

Are you serving cold beverages on just a regular tray? *Throws flag.* That’s a 15-yard un-fanlike conduct penalty. Replay the down and get yourself this cool beverage server.

NFL Team Piggy Bank

A pigskin you can put your change in? Touchdown! Way to save and be a super fan at the same time.

The Sports Book

Statistics nerds and sports fans alike will find this huge book of records and stats to be the perfect stocking stuffer.

A Live Phone Call from Boxing Legend Larry Holmes

Have the former heavyweight boxing champion give your friend a ring to wish him (or her) glad tidings this holiday season.

Ideas for the $50 Budget

Holiday Sports Gifts for Any Budget - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Video Games

If your pal has a video game system, give him the gift of spending countless hours on the couch living out his life vicariously through pixels. Your friend can be a superstar in his or her favorite sports league.

NFL Snack Helmet

If your friends aren’t eating game day snacks out of these cool snack helmets, they don’t deserve to call themselves a real fan. Just saying.

Replica NHL Goal Light and Siren

This one is a real “breakaway” hit! Live the excitement and surprise of an NHL goal in the comfort of your own home with this programmable siren and flashing red light!

Golf Cufflinks

Hit the links – cufflinks that is! These little shirt caddies blend the fun of the fairways with the sophistication of french cuff shirt regalia. This is a chip shot idea for any golf enthusiast on your list.

An Official Road Sign from the 2005 Tour de France

Relive the excitement of the 9-year-old bicycle race with this true piece of competitive sports cycling history! I don’t speak French, so I can’t translate it. But I’m pretty sure it says “Happy Holidays, Best Friend in the World!”

Don’t drop the ball this holiday season! Instead, come out swinging and hit a home run at the buzzer with these first-string sports gift ideas anyone on your list is sure to enjoy!

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  1. I just want my dad to love me again so that he’ll return my calls. What’s a good gift for that?

    Probably the NFL Snack Helmet, right?

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